2 Ingredient Flourless Pancakes Recipe

Some examples of the finished product (Photo: @ you.me.free/@kimscravings)

With many people staying at home due to the Covid-19 outbreak, there is more time for breakfast. How about making pancakes?

Standard pancakes need ingredients like flour and milk that you might be hard pressed to find right now.

But these pancakes only need two ingredients and they do not contain flour. All you need is a banana and some eggs.

They’re great for using bananas that are a bit outdated (like banana bread) and they’re really quick and easy.

How to make 2-ingredient pancakes

Just mash a banana, add two eggs and whisk everything together and fry and flip as usual. It makes about five to seven pancakes, so increase it if you’re feeding a few people.

You can add a pinch of baking powder to make them softer, but you don’t have to.

If you have a blender (or smoothie maker) you can give the batter a quick boost to make it smoother, but again, that’s not essential.

The batter is a bit more brittle than a regular pancake mix, so don’t turn the heat too high and wait for the bubbles to burst to gently flip them. Do not move them too much or they will break.

Sure, the finished pancakes have a slightly different texture and taste because of the fruit, but they’re healthier and still delicious.

Add maple syrup or your favorite toppings for a real treat.

If you have a waffle iron, you can also add the mixture to it to create waffles instead.

The recipe has been popular on Instagram for some time as a quick and healthy breakfast option.

If pancakes aren’t your thing, we also have recipes for a cake that doesn’t need eggs, milk, or butter (although you do need flour), easy flatbreads, lemonade and pizza dough or yogurt-based bagels. and flour.

Do you have a simple recipe to share or a photo of what you make at home? Let us know in the comments below.

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