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The calendar changes in June and we find ourselves, for the most part, with a little more free time. Sometimes it’s the perfect opportunity to try some things you’ve always wanted to do, but were too busy pretending you didn’t have time to do. There is always time. There are always choices.

OK, conference over. Here are some bites you should incorporate into your routines this summer if you haven’t already. Dare I say you will eat it and love it.

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Hop Atomica Hummus

Every now and then I order something from a menu just because it’s there. Curiosity, if you will. Too often, restaurants offer hummus without putting much effort into it. So you get a bland disposable mash. This was not the case at Hop. It was well seasoned and had a very small bite, which we really enjoyed. When you’re whining out of crispy red pepper strips, you know someone did something right. And no, I don’t consider hummus the perfect beer snack, but this stuff is great.

Bocadillo Toast in Mi Vida (top photo)

If you don’t know about the very popular Mi Vida -Tybee restaurant, then A) you’re in the minority and B) you definitely should. It still amazes me how many people don’t know about this gem at the beach. Homemade vegan cold-pressed juices, smoothies and baked goods. There’s a lot to love here, and I do, but their Bocadillo (meaning snack) is a wonderful breakfast or afternoon bite. It’s a piece of Auspicious Baking Company sourdough rubbed in garlic, topped with thin slices of serrano ham, manchego cheese, salt and pepper and a side of fruit. The last 2 times I ate it, I added a poached egg as a bonus. This is delicious.

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South of Heaven BBQ Double Smash Burger

(Brunswick) I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned this burger before in this space. If I did, that will tell you how much I think about this particular creation. The only burger I had in February was possibly the best I’ve had in the past 10 years, no kidding. Two smashed double patties with homemade bacon jam and chili cheese. You may or may not be heading to the Golden Isles this summer to spend some time at the beach, but this burger is definitely worth the trip.

Here’s the catch…please be careful…I don’t want hate mail. The burger is not on the menu every week. You have to check social media on Tuesdays to see their weekly menu. When that burger goes on top, make time for it. Oh and the brisket is also the best on the Georgian coast.

Turkey and Jalapeno Bacon Sandwich at Alexander’s Bistro

Any passerby will tell you, the secret is out at the Black Rabbit on Barnard Street for a great lunchtime sandwich. If you’re looking for something different, try Alexander’s Bistro.

They opened a few months ago and offer breakfast and lunch. Sandwiches and fresh baked goods are the foundation of this menu which leads me to one of the best turkey sandwiches I’ve had in Savannah. Turkey and jalapeno bacon, lettuce, tomato oil and vinegar. Pretty simple right? The bread is homemade which makes all the difference in the world.

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