5 WNY Pizza Joints That Serve Dill Pickle Pizza


Pickle Pizza / Photo courtesy of TC Wheeler’s

If you haven’t tried the Dill Pickle Pizza… you’re missing out. There is something about pickle pie that strikes you differently; Pair the unique taste of fresh dill with a tasty slice of pizza to create the perfect combination of ingredients in one bite. While it’s not around every corner like a standard cheese and pep pie, there are a handful of pizzerias in Buffalo serving Pickle Pizza.

Whether you’re a pickle pizza veteran or just looking to try something new, we’ve got you covered. Don’t get caught up in a pickle trying to pick your spot!

Did we miss one? Did any of these places close? Drop us a note!

1. TC Wheelers

341 Wheeler Street Tonawanda, NY 14150 / Website

TC Wheelers in Tonawanda is our first stop on the Pickle Pizza Train. Their signature dill pickle pizza features a base of homemade garlic sauce, sliced ​​dill pickles, mozzarella cheese and dill seasoning. They recommend to top it off by adding on their toasted bagel crust. Weft!


2. Pizza Edies

380 Buffalo Street Hamburg, NY 14075 / Website

Tucked away in the village of Hamburg, Edies Pizza has been serving fresh pies to the local community for years. Recently, Edies upgraded their specialty pizza menu by adding a “pickle pizza” with ingredients such as garlic oil, dill pickles, basil and a perfect blend of processed cheeses.

3. The pizzeria now

88 Main Street Hamburg, NY 14075 / Website

For more than 50 years, The Now has satisfied the taste buds of locals with its delicious pizzas. Their pickle pizza looks appetizing to say the least. Olive oil, garlic sauce, dill pickles and mozzarella are the magical combination of ingredients that make this pickle pizza complete.

4. Carbon Pizza

568 South Park Ave Buffalo, NY 14204 / 716-855-1749 / Website

1126 E. Lovejoy St. Buffalo, NY 14206 / 716-897-5098 / Website

Carbone’s was started in 1978 by Dominic and Carrie Carbone after saving to buy a spot in South Park and refurbishing for 2 years nights and weekends. Today, Carbone’s sets itself apart with several gourmet pizzas, including the taco pizza, the super steak pizza and the cheeseburger pizza to name a few, including the pickle pizza, made with oil, garlic, pickle, mozzarella & monterey jack cheese and parsley. Yum!


5. The Wurlitzer Pizza Co.

1401 Nash Road North Tonawanda, NY 14120 / Website

Wurlitzer Pizza Co. is a Northtowns favorite that offers their very own Dill Pickle Pizza. Composed of savory ingredients such as: olive oil, garlic base, dill pickles, oregano, dill and vegan mozzarella. If you are a pickle pizza lover, your next destination should definitely be The Wurlitzer Pizza Co.!

Did we miss one? Did any of these places close? Drop us a note!

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