A pancake batter pen is the key to the most perfect and creative pancakes

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Making pancakes any morning is successful enough to eliminate the need for bells and whistles. Of course, you can make it fun by reheating the syrup, slicing up a few strawberries, or removing the whipped cream. This is where the imagination usually stops. However, there is an easy way to make your pancake breakfast even more exciting and fun: a pancake batter pen.

Easy to use and mess-free, a pancake pen is a way to dispense your future pancakes into the pan or on the griddle with full control. Of course you can use it to make perfect circles the same size (what a synchronous display!),

Let kids choose which animal they’d like to snack on, serve their initials to everyone, or get into the holiday spirit with shapes that suit the season, from pumpkins to Christmas trees. While you still prefer to use metal cookie cutters to shape your pancakes, a pancake pen (like this $ 10 Amazon bestseller loved by shoppers) can keep the entire process tidy and controlled for a seamless batch of festive pancakes.

Shop for two popular pancake dough pens below.

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