After the cereal pancakes, try the three-ingredient mini pizza cereal


Make pizza cereal (Source: sweetportfolio / Instagram)

Having the same type of food over and over while being confined to the house has proven to be monotonous and boring for many of us. So it’s not really surprising that people have taken to tweaking dishes in innovative ways or trying new recipes to put themselves in a good mood.

Some time ago we saw people doing cereal pancakes or mini pancakes and have them with milk or melted butter. And now, a cooking enthusiast was making savory cereal in the form of mini pizzas or what she called pizza cereal.

Pizza cereals only require three ingredients. Try this recipe, courtesy of Valentina Mussi from Miami:


Pre-made pizza dough
grated mozzarella
San marzano tomato sauce
Pepperoni (optional)

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* Roll out the pizza dough and cut out small circles using a cookie cutter or a knife.

* Place the pizza dough circles on a baking sheet and cover them with tomato sauce, cheese and pepperoni.

* Bake the circles for eight minutes in an oven preheated to 200 degrees Celsius or 400 degrees Fahrenheit. Your pizza cereal is ready.

“I think the fascination with the cereal trend is because the tiny versions of the food are cute and small… Everyone loves pizza, so I decided to make pizza cereal,” Mussi said. . Initiated in an interview.

Mussi has also made other varieties of cereals in the past, such as muffin cereal, mini French toast, and donut cereal. She also shared their recipes on Instagram.

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In addition, cooking enthusiasts on social media also made cookie cereal and waffle cereal.

Would you try to make one of these innovative cereals?

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