American expat reveals the sad truth about bagels in Australia

An American expat living in Australia has revealed the ‘sad’ truth she’s witnessed since moving to Australia – and social media couldn’t agree more.

An American expat living in Australia has revealed the ‘sad’ truth she has witnessed since moving to Australia.

New York native, TikToker Ashleigh, who goes by the name @coffeenut on the social media platform, currently lives in Tasmania for college.

But while living in Tassie, the American got a little ‘sad’ about a popular baked good which she says tastes different to those back home.

In the short video, which received 1.4 million views, Ashleigh was quick to reveal which part of Australia “makes no sense”.

“Things in Australia that really don’t make sense to an American who just moved – bagels, moving on,” she said in the short clip.

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In the United States, bagels are traditionally topped with cream cheese and butter, or filled with blueberries. In Australia, however, people often opt for them to be part of a bacon and egg bagel roll or perhaps whipped with mashed avocado.

The expat’s clash with Australia over bagels received more than 1,700 comments, with many agreeing on her take on the American favourite.

“Yeah, I’ve never had a good bagel that wasn’t dense,” one said of the Aussie bagel.

“Bagels are so rare here which sucks because after having them in the US I wish I could have some good ones here too,” added another.

“I think bagels just aren’t a thing here…try Melbourne,” another suggested.

Meanwhile, another American expat who moved from California to Australia has revealed the slang phrases used Down Under that left her completely bewildered.

Taking to her TikTok account, Jaylee – who goes by the name @jaylee.promise – said she had received a number of slang phrases that had puzzled her since moving overseas.

“I’ve been told that so many times when I’ve been out,” Jaycee explained, referring to the “you fucking kidding” line.

“When someone says ‘you’re peeing’ I’m like…they don’t ask you if you’re peeing…that’s what I thought because pissing is peeing in America .”

Jaylee went on to explain that the phrase actually asks if the recipient is “joking” about something.

The next slang phrase that puzzled the brunette was the four-word “do you have a torch”.

“When I read that I thought wow, how cool would it be to have a torch,” she said, explaining that her definition of a “torch” was a lit piece of wood at the tip. to create a flame.

“But here, the word torch actually means flashlight.”

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