Bacon Street Bagels takes Hill City by storm in just a few months


LYNCHBURG, Virginia. – As a child, I often remember going with my mother to the deli or the bagel store. Every now and then I try to find something like this in our area. We found gold when we ran into Bacon Street Bagels in Lynchburg.

Owner Jordan Hawkins tells us, “We’re kind of filling a gap that the community really wanted.

The Hill City is already a thriving place with great places to eat, but he says it’s part of a bigger mission.

He often says, “Employees are kind of wrung out like wet rags.

Bacon Street is a place where customers and employees can feel fulfilled. Hawkins is a self-taught baker. He tells us a bit more about their bagel-making process.

“A classic New York bagel from start to finish usually takes about a day. You start by mixing the yeast, flour and water together and this should sit for about two hours. We mix all the dry ingredients… everything we need to make that specific type of bagel. We unroll them all by hand. After this point, they go to the refrigerator and cold ferment overnight. And this is where you get a lot of flavor. This rich, breaded flavor.

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Boiled and baked, bagels get a crispy crust with a soft center. It’s no wonder why Bacon Street immediately stormed the town of Hill.

“We sold full the first 9 consecutive days we were open. We had to buy a bigger blender, a bigger oven. We had to double our staff, ”said Hawkins.

He estimates they made 20,000 bagels in just four months, and you know there will be plenty more to come. This is especially the case when they also offer a range of delicious sandwiches.

The classic egg bacon and cheese are a hit, along with other specials.

“A BLT lawyer and one of my personal favorites, the Lenora. It’s actually named after my grandmother.

Of course, if you need a shake to go with your bagel, this store has some local coffee that kills too.

You can find them on Facebook and on Instagram.

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