Banks’ Special Needs Loans for Eid Al-Adha


Offering special loan options to its customers for the feast of sacrifice, Included in the competition with cost-free, commission-free and insurance-free features.

Account opening, the branch is not necessary to go, the money is deposited into the customer account for a loan of 5 thousand pounds in the 12-month term interest rate of 0.89% is offered. Monthly installments are 446 USD and total repayment is 5.354 USD.

Special Loan from Loan and Credit Bank

As in the Ramadan holiday, Loan and Credit Bank offers special needs credit offers to its customers. Within the scope of the campaign, 50.000 USD and 60 months maturity can be used. Charges consist of allocation fee. The details of the offer are as follows:

Good Finance, which plans to meet the cash needs of its customers before the feast with its September Loan, offers an interest rate of 1.17% in 24 months. You can start your monthly installments from 99 USD if you wish in the 60-month term while you pay only 29 USD total cost for 7 thousand USD loan. Please also note that this offer has an increasing installment payment plan.

Practical Consumer Loan from E-Money

The E-Money loan offer offered under the name of Practical Consumer Loan has a fixed interest rate of 1.39%. For a loan of 5.000 USD, monthly installments of 185 USD are offered in a 36-month term, while no fee or additional commission is required.

24 months term 254 pounds, 12 months term 463 pounds and 6 months term 882 pounds monthly installment options in all campaigns with 1.39% interest rate and 1.67% cost rate is applied. It should also be noted that life insurance is covered by the loan.

Online Payday Loan interest rate of 1.09% in 36 months

Among the banks offering special loans before the holidays are Online Payday Loan. With an interest rate of 1.09% and a monthly installment of 175 USD in 36 months, Online Payday Loan attracts attention with its loan options suitable for the needs.

12 months maturity option installments pay 452 pounds, 24 months if you want to install your loan if you want to pay 244 pounds. The cost rate in these three terms is 1.65% and the total cost is 200 USD.

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