Belmont Vision – Let the bagels abound at the new Einstein Bros. location. by Belmont


Students braved long lines and technological pitfalls in the name of breakfast during the chaotic opening of the new Einstein Bros. Belmont Bagels.

Chosen based on student demands for healthier food options – and bagels in particular – the Bruins can now afford a full coffee bar and all-day breakfast at the university’s new restaurant, which has opened on Thursday.

And customers on campus welcomed Einstein Bros. waiting impatiently in a line that meandered through the lobby of the Beaman Student Life Center all day.

“If the queue is that long, it’s probably worth it,” student Sofia Coke said.

The Einstein Bros., which replaced Beaman’s What’s Bruin Cafe, offers a wide variety of options, including bagel sandwiches for breakfast and lunch, as well as fresh pastries and coffee.

“I’m really excited about this. I love having new options on campus, ”said Sophia Rafalli, whose favorite order is a bagel of everything with bacon, eggs and cheese.

Busy students have the opportunity to grab a quick bite to eat on campus before an 8-hour class.

“Making breakfast is a lot to think about in the early morning, so it’s nice to run around here and grab anything,” said Caroline Gheen, an All-Nighter breakfast sandwich fan.

On opening day, many students stood in line for at least 20 minutes before placing an order and hung out for another 20 while their food was being prepared.

Due to an issue with third-party technology, Einstein Bros. also couldn’t accept credit cards at checkout, resulting in longer wait times while employees manually jotted down payment information to put it into the card reader later.

“Of course it worked when they did the test phase, then we opened yesterday and it stopped,” said Susan Matheson, head of Sodexo at Belmont, who oversees campus catering operations. .

Once the technical difficulties are resolved and the cafe has reached its operating rate, the lines will likely pass more quickly, Matheson said.

“It’s popular and it’s open, so you’re going to see this line. But we could have crossed that line much faster if the registry was functioning properly, ”she said.

Although the card reader is down, students can still swipe their Belmont credentials to redeem drop points and Bruin Bucks, Matheson said.

The Einstein brothers will be open Monday to Thursday from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. and Friday from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m.

PHOTO: Students line up outside Einstein Bros. in the Beaman. Belmont Vision / Jenna Roberts

This article was written by Anna Jackson and Sarah Maninger. Contributing reporting by Jenna Roberts, Lauren Campbell and Corinne Robinson.


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