Bessie’s ‘Bites’ truck opens June 5

VonGretchen Donawald, owner of Bessie’s Sweet Delights, and her husband Tyrus.

BLYTHEWOOD – If you’ve made the habit of grabbing a sweet snack at Bessie’s Sweet Delights at Blythewood Farmer’s Market on Wednesday afternoons, you’ll be happy to hear that owner VonGretchen Donawald and her husband Tyrus have expanded their menu, hours and the location to include Soul Food Sunday dinners from their new Bessie’s Bites & Sweet Delights food truck.

The first stop for their Soul Food Sunday dinners will be at 311 Blythewood Road on Sunday, June 5. Afterwards, dinners will be offered on the first and third Sundays of each month at different locations. Customers can pre-order from a special Sunday dinner menu or simply stop in and have their meals between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m.

In addition, Donawald’s food truck will offer fast, home-cooked food including hot dogs and burgers, fried shrimp, salads, sides, fried chicken fillets, as well as Donawald’s usual goodies, including his popular red velvet cake bowl, banana pudding and cookies.

Donawald said while the new menu consists mostly of southern and soul foods, it also includes flavored chicken thighs and items for plant-eaters, including a veggie burger and a soul roll. vegan – a crispy egg roll filled with chopped and sautéed collard greens. and other tasty vegetables.

Although Donawald said his menu didn’t include pork, it did include a pulled smoked turkey sandwich.

For more information on the Bessie’s Bites and Sweet Delights menu, truck food schedule and food options, please visit or BessieBites on Facebook.

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