Big Bon Family expands with Big Bon Pizza on Bull Street in Savannah


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Tradition has it that five-year anniversary gifts are made from wood.

For the Big Bon family, maybe this can be extrapolated to the wood-fired foods made for all of us.

At the end of July, the Savannah brand, which launched its mobile pizza service in 2016, celebrated its fifth anniversary, although the pizza night was postponed until September 17.

For a few hours that Friday, owner Kay Heritage and her team parked their mobile oven at Service Brewing Co., entertaining owners Kevin Ryan and Meredith Sutton, who encouraged Big Bon Bodega to open the brand’s bagelry on Bull Street 2011 two years ago.

The announcement was that Big Bon Bodega’s huge Marra Forni bread oven will be making wood-fired pizzas for dinner starting October 6.

“Our bagel oven is actually a pizza oven that we make bagels out of, so we use it for what was originally intended,” Heritage said with a laugh.

Pizza chef Jay Langfelder, in partnership with Big Bon Pizza LLC, runs the evening operations. The bagel shop will be transformed into a pizzeria serving from 4:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. Wednesday to Saturday.

Langfelder, who moved from Buffalo to Savannah in January, has been coming to town since 2016, once, then twice, then three times a year.

Jay Langfelder works pizza as a chef and business partner with Big Bon Pizza LLC.

Back in the suburbs of Buffalo, Langfelder launched both the OG Wood Fire pizza truck, which operated from 2015 to 2017, and Jay’s Artisan Pizzeria, which opened in 2017. The latter was recently ranked # 28 of 50. best pizzerias in the United States on Food lovers website and is still going strong and now under a new owner.

About three years ago, Langfelder and his girlfriend Amanda Jones began to seriously consider moving to Savannah, long before the world became what it has become.

“It’s great to be here now,” he said.

In his first months as a full-fledged Savannahian, Langfelder only cooked professionally once: a Big Bon pop-up dinner on August 3, performing a five-course meal for some 40 members of his family and friends.

“Jay made this amazing meal and then told me about the place after dinner,” Heritage recalls.

She then asked him, “Do you just want to cook here?”


“I had always imagined that the Big Bon Bodega parking lot could be so beautiful, transformed into a family style [patio] with people having dinner, ”Heritage said of the 2011 Bull St.

After Langfelder’s pop-up event, their conversation led to sharing how they treat their team members and how they orchestrate a business, and the new partners discovered they were related culinary spirits.

Find nightly pizzas at Big Bon Pizza LLC Wednesday through Saturday.

“We have so many ideas and values ​​that are aligned,” Heritage said. “It’s a real partnership.

“I’m so lucky,” Langfelder said of his adoption by the Big Bon family.

He told Heritage that what he envisioned for his own pizzeria in Savannah was already set up precisely at the Bodega, especially with the oven and parking lot turned into a patio for alfresco dining.

Seating in the parking lot terrace is easily 50 at the moment with room for 70 or 80 diners in prospect.

She added, “We’ve always wanted Big Bon to be a playground for local food designers, and that’s it.”

On the menu

Because the mobile unit contains a hotter oven, the pizzas Langfelder offers at the Bodega will be different from the familiar Big Bon Pizza pies.

“There’s a big difference between a two-minute pizza and a four-minute pizza, so it’s mostly a difference in texture,” he explained.

Langfelder said the bagel-pizza oven will give a slightly crispier texture, due to a longer time on deck. He has “played with” dough recipes and expects a “different mix of flour to suit [oven] temperatures. “

On the menu are traditional red or white pizzas that can be made to order, as well as exclusive pies made with produce from local suppliers and farms, a few Big Bon favorites in addition to a few recipes Langfelder brought with him from his Buffalo lounge.

Find nightly pizzas at Big Bon Pizza LLC Wednesday through Saturday.

“Represent[ing] local and seasonal, the menu’s premise is old-fashioned New York-style pizza, ”he explained. The 16 inch round pies will all be made to order.

Thinner than the Sicilian, but not quite Neapolitan, the grandma style will be cooked in a half plate and sold by the large square slice to take away, customizable with toppings before being finished in the oven.

For the first few weeks at least, no take-out will be available as Langfelder and his team assess the demand on the spot, but the partners plan to introduce it in due course.

Fans of the original Big Bon Pizza need not fear: the mobile kitchen will be operational for events in town and for catering concerts. The arrival of Langfelder and the advent of Big Bon Wood Fired Pizza only extends the Bodega’s food footprint.

“The beauty of this whole collaboration with Big Bon Pizza and Jay,” Heritage said, “is that Jay has [those] incredible technical skills from pizza making to fine art.

“With our brand, it’s going to be really, really impactful. That’s what excites me, ”she added.

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Or: Big Bon Family, 2011 Bull St.

Bodega: 7:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. Wednesday-Saturday

Pizzeria: 4:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. Wednesday-Saturday

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Telephone: 912-349-4847

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