Bites that can’t be stopped

What’s not to love about a densely packed burger with a succulent patty, sandwiched between soft buns and generously topped with pickled vegetables, tons of cheese and savory sauces? Apart from being a healthy meal of value, hassle-free street food has always pushed cloud kitchens and cafes to experiment with its versatility. One of these new entrants, which exploits its comfort and convenience, is In Between, Adyar.

The Quick Service restaurant, owned by Vibhas Foods – the creators of the city cafe [email protected] – in partnership with Eastern Trading Company, officially opened its doors to fast food lovers on Friday. All with the promise of offering them affordable gourmet burgers and sandwiches. What differentiates the brand from existing players? Founder Ashwin Soumusundaram says, “Our goal is also to shine a spotlight on sandwiches and give them an exotic twist. Customers will be able to customize their burger or sandwich based on the choice of topping, bun and sauce. Hence the name In Between, which focuses on what happens inside.

A busy party

Everything that goes into making burgers and sandwiches is concocted from A to Z by the restaurant’s in-house team. There are ten different fillings in vegetarian and non-vegetarian variations. The menu at the former includes novelties like sweet potato, corn and teriyaki tofu. While the non-vegetarian menu mainly bets on safer options such as smoked chicken, crispy fish and beef steak. “For the calorie-conscious, there will soon be a healthy menu with gluten-free and vegan options. We’ve already tried and tested a few recipes like Avocado and Chickpea Sandwiches. We currently have salad and boiled egg options,” he notes.

To spice up the taste quotient, there are 11 assorted sauces. “People are so used to mint mayo or chipotle sauce, but here there are choices like Jamaican Jerk. You just have to trust the chef and go for it. As you devour the sandwiches, you must keep guessing the ingredients. That’s what makes the dining experience fun,” he suggests. But that’s not all. The secret ingredients that tie all these sumptuous elements together are the seven varieties of freshly baked breads, including hamburger buns, croissant, brioche, focaccia, multigrain sandwich loaf, country bread and tortilla wrap.

We didn’t have to wait any longer to sink our teeth into the tender texture of the loaves. The vegetable bomb and smoked chicken, along with dips and nachos, were quickly brought to our table. Within minutes, Ashwin’s promising description of his products worked magic on our taste buds. The crispy galette in a vegetable bomb came between slices of brioche with a golden, flaky crust. The bread, although slightly puffy, contained the heavy filling of mashed and lightly seasoned vegetables like a game of Jenga. Meanwhile, the smoked chicken filling was sandwiched between slices of French sourdough country bread. Despite the tangy notes, the bread goes well with the pulled chicken in the lightly spiced salsa sauce. True to their promise, the breads steal the show here.

One for all

And for all its value, we can even make it a meal option by pairing our choice of sandwich with a drink and appetizer. Their limited list of sides includes garlic breads, chicken popcorn, nachos, and fried chicken. You can wash them all down with their hot or cold beverages such as lattes, milkshakes, and flavored sodas.

“We incorporated a slightly delectable twist into the fried chicken by adding some ingredients from our home kitchens. That’s up to you to find out,” smiles Ashwin. Well, we couldn’t agree more when we took a bite of the crispy chicken coating and delicately peeled it from the meat. Despite the familiarity, our memory failed to remember the names of the ingredients. Nonetheless, the desi flavors blended perfectly with the American accompaniment without overpowering its authenticity.

Proximity to schools and colleges is also a bonus for buoyant business, Ashwin points out. “We’ve taken a lighter approach with our menu because we want the kids to frequent us. Diners can also take advantage of our outdoor seating. Outdoor seating would make things easier for us, given the circumstances. We will soon be available on delivery platforms. The next step is to expand the brand and probably explore the area of ​​shopping malls. We also received party orders. We are taking it one step at a time,” he said. In the meantime, you can keep a tab on their official Instagram page for their latest menu updates.

A meal for two is priced at Rs 400 – Rs 450. Address: No 56, 4th Main Road, Gandhi Road, Adyar. For more details call 9176568177

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