Boichik Bagels Announces Grand New Factory Plus Café in West Berkeley

Breakout Bay Area bagel star Emily Winston is expanding her popular Boichik Bagels business with a second retail outpost and bagel factory in West Berkeley. Located in an industrial building at 1225 Sixth Street, the 18,000 square foot space will serve as a ‘new base’ for the business, allowing for expansion of all kinds – more products, future stores and a longer list of partners. wholesalers. “We were fortunate to be a huge success from day one, when we opened our doors two years ago,” says Winston. “And we need more room. We’re packed.

It will take about a year to build the new factory and bagel store, but as soon as it can, Winson says she will open the retail store. It will be a place where people can buy bagels, bagel sandwiches and coffee. But she also sees it as a place where patrons can take a behind-the-scenes look at the making of these incredibly chewy and slightly sweet New York-style bagels. “It’s a big thing that I love, transparency,” she says. “You’ll see what we do. We are not hiding anything. We’re legit and it’s really cool gear too.

Winston says the design will include a window to the production kitchen, especially so bagel fans can get a good view of the new dough machine – much like Krispy Kreme’s locations leave customers drooling over the machine which perfectly fry and glaze airy donuts. The concept is partly inspired by the Manufacture Tartine; it’s supposed to be a place where visitors can see how bagels are made, order one to eat in and take it outside to the large patio to try it out.

The new space also means Winston can expand the Boichik product line, which included Jewish pastries before maximizing bagel production at the currently 1,200 square foot bakery. The first item she’ll bring back are the black and white cookies, followed by rugelach, challah, a three chocolate chip coffee cake that Winston describes as his homage to Entenmann’s chocolate chip bread – topped with Ghirardelli chocolate. Winston says Boichik will also be opening additional retail stores across the Bay Area (“We’ll be crossing bridges in the future,” she says, which is good news for San Francisco Boichik fans) although “Nothing is signed yet”.

Winston, who started baking bagels seven hours and nine dozen at a time in his home’s kitchen, financed the expansion without hiring outside investors and by selling his home in Alameda. “There hasn’t been a shortage of people knocking on doors,” she says. “But they want stocks and I always tell myself that I don’t want to sell stocks yet. I don’t want to compromise anything. The self-taught bagel master started Boichik out of her home with a chalet cooking license in 2017, after which she was “off to the grocery store,” she says. It opened its first brick and mortar location in 2019 and its bagels have consistently been cited as some of the best in the Bay Area and State. Winston says fans are begging her to bring them to all corners of the country. “There is a demand for better bagels in the world and we plan to grow to meet that demand,” she says.

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