Breakfast pizza is trending as part of the day rebounds

Breakfast has taken a big hit in the last two years of the pandemic, but it looks like the daytime portion is slowly but surely bouncing back.

With so many people leaving the office temporarily or permanently, breakfast consumer traffic dropped drastically after the onset of the pandemic, with people increasingly getting breakfast at home instead. than outside.

Asad Amin of Ipsos recently wrote for RestoBiz that breakfast traffic growth was strongest in a daytime period year-over-year between February 2021 and February 2022, although still below pre-pandemic levels . QSRs still dominate morning traffic (74%), but FSRs are slowly starting to regain their morning share, both weekdays and weekends.

New data from Technomic suggests that, overall, breakfast was up 4% on menus over the year between Q1 2021 and Q2 2022, a marked improvement from the decline 8% of breakfast products from pre-pandemic (Q4 2019) to present.

As breakfast day begins to show signs of recovery, data from the company’s Ignite menu has revealed that some creative breakfast dishes are being seen alongside tried-and-true classics regaining momentum.

In particular, breakfast pizza appears to be growing in popularity, topping the list of fastest growing breakfast items with 175% year-on-year growth. These pizzas often contain classic breakfast ingredients such as eggs, bacon and Hollandaise sauce.

Technomic notes that breakfast pizza reflects a broader trend of mashups of the day, something operators are gravitating towards more as a way to cross-use ingredients and maximize SKUs while delivering innovative new offerings. .

Along with breakfast pizza, fish sandwiches are seeing 53% growth as breakfast entrees, most often in the form of bagel sandwiches with smoked salmon. This sandwich is both a portable and high-protein breakfast, making it a more convenient and health-focused option.

Examples of classic comfort food offerings like waffles/Belgian waffles and Eggs Benedict/Florentine are also popping up on breakfast menus, aligning with the broader trend for classic comfort food to find noticeable momentum. during the pandemic.

Finally, breakfast meals are also increasing on menus as consumers continue to seek value-oriented offerings amid general inflation, wage pressures and menu price increases.

Image: jeffrey2 via Wikimedia Commons

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