British Got Talent star Amanda Holden ‘leaves set’ after Pancake Day prank

Amanda Holden has ‘stormed the set’ on her radio show Heart Breakfast after being pranked on a Pancake Day special.

The Britain’s Got Talent judge went up against co-host Ashley Roberts in a ‘flip or flop’ segment – a challenge to flip the most pancakes in a minute.

But poor Amanda ended up with an egg on her face, when Ashley pulled a mischievous prank to make sure she would win.

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The two women were dressed in a chef’s outfit with red aprons and large white hats.

Although Amanda may have looked the part, she was definitely not a master pancake flipper as Ashley beat her in the challenge with an impressive score of 19 pancake flippers, while Amanda was still stuck. on zero.

Amanda reacted badly to the loss by smashing eggs on the table shouting, “Sabotage!”

Ashley yelled, “She’s throwing eggs!”

Amanda “zoomed” out the door as Ashley said, “Oh no, she’s leaving the set.”

Jamie said, “You shouldn’t have stuck his pancake in his pan.”

Ashley innocently replied, “What do you mean? I didn’t do that” smiling mischievously.

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