‘Bubbe’s Fine Bagels’ will open at Speedway & Wilmot later this summer


“East Coast style with new-age techniques”

There is a new bagel spot in the eastern part of town.

Right next to Moon Pizza and at the corner of Speedway and Wilmot, Bubbe’s Fine Bagels moved to 1101 N. Wilmot Rd.

Photo by Melissa Stihl

In the fall of 2020, a long-time employee of Pizza Luna, Kyle Leuer, with his partner Becca Groff, approached Marc and Tracy Frankel – owners of Pizza Luna – on the bagel concept and have since helped them move their projects forward.

The idea of ​​opening the store really took off after making bagels from leftover pizza dough.

“Although the first batches were raw, it made us dream of our perfect bagel,” said Groff, operating partner of Bubbe’s Fine Bagels. “We went down the rabbit hole, devouring any online bagel-making resources we could find. As the lots improved, we realized the potential market that an artisan bagel store could have in Tucson.

Bubbe's Fine Bagels

Photo by Becca Groff

The bagels are inspired by the way they’re made on the East Coast, but with new age techniques, and each tasty batch takes three days.

“The process was quite a challenge, but we received incredible help along the way,” said Groff. “We were fortunate enough to observe Wicked Bagel at a bagel store in Lexington, Massachusetts. They were incredibly welcoming and knew the somewhat guarded art of bagel making.

They use a ripe appetizer, then ferment the bagels longer than you would with other bagel recipes, creating a “flavorful, textured bagel.” Leuer and Groff believe that a real bagel should contain barley malt for that characteristic taste, be boiled and then baked in a deck oven.

As for the menu, they keep it simple with a variety of bagels every day – Sesame, Cinnamon Grape, Caraway Rye, Poppy, Plain, and All – and also plan to introduce weekly specials.

Bubbe's Fine Bagels

Photo by Becca Groff

Oh, but there’s more too. A handful of breakfast sandwiches will be on the menu, such as Bacon, Egg & Cheese, Soft Scrambled Eggs With Sausage Homemade Breakfast, and one Lox Bagel Sandwich.

The location, which shares a wall with Pizza Luna, is completely built and remodeled in a way that gives visitors an intimate view of the bagel-making process.

“As you walk through the front door, customers will be greeted with our bagels in full display,” said Groff. “All of the kitchen will be visible to guests, including a large bagel kettle, rotary deck oven and our old bagel.”

The grand opening is expected to take place in August 2021, once construction is complete.

Bubbe’s Fine Bagels is located at 1101 N. Wilmot Rd. For more information, follow Bubbe’s Fine Bagels on Instagram.

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