Buffalo Wild Wings now serves pizza and yes, we tried it

Restaurants are always trying to find new ways to bring people in. Different dishes are usually the best way and that’s exactly what Wild Buffalo Wings did. Add to the fact that football season is upon us, everyone is fighting for business.

The national chain of wings has added pizza to the menu. For $9.99 you can get a thin crust pizza topped with boneless wings drizzled with Honey BBQ or Buffalo sauce. It’s also topped with green onions, jalapenos, blue cheese crumbles, mozzarella cheese, and ranch dressing.

Wild Buffalo Wings

Rectangular pizzas, cut into eight slices, are only available for a limited time. Popped in and tried the Honey BBQ pizza.

It’s pretty much a flatbread pizza. The crust was not too crispy and more flimsy than anything else. I wasn’t too crazy about the pizza. There was just too much sauce all around which overpowered everything. You couldn’t even taste the cheese. Between the ranch dressing, the BBQ drizzle, and the grown-up chicken nuggets smothered in sauce, this pizza had a very mushy feel with every bite.

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Sometimes a little can go a long way and that’s a lesson the Buffalo Wild Wings could use here.

Wild Buffalo Wings

For $9.99, there are definitely better pizzas at that price.

Good meal,

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