Burger King menu sparks furious debate as beef with pancakes, ice cream and raspberries offered

Other unique options include beef burger with sausage and pickled herring, while banana and egg are also a combination on the menu.

A Burger King menu has sparked outrage as beef is offered with crepe, ice cream and raspberries.

The furious debate began after a confused Twitter user posted a picture of some of the foods available on the menu at the fast food chain’s German stores.

Along with a photo of some of the unique meals, @Masteroyenko wrote, “Someone from my non-German mutuals explain the German Burger King to me.”

The social media post has since had nearly 140,000 likes, over 6,000 quote tweets and 15,000 retweets.

Some of the unique burgers on sale at Burger King Germany

The fast-food chain says the menu is designed for moms-to-be

The fast-food chain says the menu is designed for moms-to-be

The burgers on offer include beef with sausage and pickled herring, while beef with strawberry ice cream and fries is available for those with a sweet tooth.

Customers can also purchase a beef burger which includes layers of pancakes, fresh raspberries and ice cream.

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While others will prefer a beef burger with fried egg and banana or vanilla ice cream with eggs and olives.

A social media user hit out at the menu saying, “I’m not someone who does this a lot but damn it?”

While another said: ‘Looks like you asked a six year old to combine all his favorite foods.’

According to Burger King Germany, the new menu is designed for expectant mothers to fulfill “pregnancy cravings in burger form”.

In a statement, the fast food chain said: “With a representative survey of (expecting) moms, Burger King has exposed the myth surrounding pregnancy cravings.

“The result: pregnancy cravings are the most normal thing in the world and resistance is (almost) useless.”

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