Chic New York grocery store Sadelle’s brings bagels to Highland Park Village in Dallas

A New York bakery-restaurant with full-bodied bagels is coming to Dallas. Called At Sadelle’s, it’s a deli-style restaurant specializing in classics such as sturgeon, chopped salads and sliced-to-order salmon.

It will open in Highland Park Village, taking over space currently occupied by Royal Blue Grocery, which is leaving the center on June 27, following a rebrand and name change; Royal Blue’s Dallas locations will now be called Berkley’s Market.

It should open at the end of the summer.

Sadelle’s is part of the Major Food Group, a New York restaurant group that has a portfolio of glitzy concepts like The Lobster Club, The Polynesian and ZZ’s Clam Bar.

The original Sadelle’s opened in Soho in 2015. A second opened in Las Vegas in 2018, and their first international location open in Paris in March 2021, in a Kith sneaker store.

the menu at New York’s original includes everything from cheese latkes and blintzes to avocado toast. There are notable baked goods such as bear claws, Danish cream cheese, sticky buns, babka, and black and white cookies.

That of Sadelle is also known for its refined and chic decoration, with a palette of pastel blue and kelly green colors. Servers wear embroidered ties and green suspenders, and bagels are served politely stacked on a rack with a stick.

Stephen Summers, general manager of Highland Park Village, says he’s been a fan of Sadelle since he visited the original Soho years ago.

“Their bagels have been named the best in New York,” says Summers. “We didn’t expect the Royal Blue situation to happen, but we researched what would be the best potential replacement for this space. What seemed to work was the breakfast coffee and tacos, and we wanted to keep that usage. We wanted to continue to be there for the couple who walks with their dog for a bagel and a taco for breakfast.”

They also wanted to put more emphasis on takeout and takeout.

“We thought we could better expand the take-out offerings, like at an Eatzi’s where you can buy sandwiches or a roast chicken dinner,” he says. “The way the grocery store space is used has evolved significantly. Sadelle’s will have market items that are complementary to dinner prep, perhaps sauce for your pasta or items that complement your meal. But you Won’t buy Tide there. No frosty flakes. You can cross those two off your list.

Major Food Group already has its hooks in Dallas: They’re opening a location of their Italian restaurant, Carbone, this spring in Dallas’ Design District, in the former Sassetta/Wheelhouse space – an arrival that Major Food Group fan Summers , also inaugurated.

“Their chef Mario Carbone was in town and he said, ‘I know what you want and need for this space,'” Summers said. “We’re thrilled to have found someone committed to the love of breakfast tacos our community has.”

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