Dan’s Bagels in Trophy Club serves New York-style bagels and more

In March 2020, Trophy Club resident Dan Hilbert found himself with plenty of free time.

“I’ve been in business for over 30 years,” Hilbert said. “I was in event marketing and nobody was doing a lot of events.”

Before moving to the Trophy Club six years ago, Hilbert and his family lived in Connecticut, and he worked in New York for nearly 20 years. Since moving to Texas, the Hilbert family couldn’t find good New York-style bagels. With her newfound free time, Hilbert filled the void by making bagels.

“After a few iterations, I was using our friends and neighbors…as taste testers,” Hilbert said.

In July 2020, Dan and his wife, Jennifer Hilbert, were filling orders online, and their craft business became more than a pandemic hobby.

“I read about this lady from New Jersey in the New York Times. She’s like the bagel whisperer,” Hilbert said. “She makes bagels, consults people on how to make bagels and [to] open bagel shops.

After an apprenticeship with the “bagel whisperer,” the Hilberts rented retail space and opened Dan’s Bagels on August 3, 2021.

As co-owners, the Hilberts struck a balance by dividing up the responsibilities. Jennifer prepares cream cheeses – or shmears – and house salads, such as egg salad and chicken salad.

“I’m all about the bagels,” said Hilbert

Their menu is similar to those found in New York bagel shops: bagels, cream cheese, Dr. Brown’s Soda, black and white cookies, and Bronx crumb cake. Lox and smoked salmon are shipped overnight from New York, Hilbert said.

Regarding his increasing IQ for bagels, he said, “I got into science: how yeast reacts when making dough, the rising process, the precision of baking – water, flour. I’ve always loved math, and baking has a ton of math.

Dan’s Bagels, 301 Trophy Lake Drive, Ste. 132, Club Trophy. 817-440-4424. www.dansbagels.com Hours: Wed.-Sun. 7am-2pm

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