Dave Portnoy takes ‘One Bite’ pizza review to a new location in Denver

“One bite, everyone knows the rules.”

One thing I love about Dave Portnoy is his love for pizza. He is also a brilliant entrepreneur. This guy has built an incredible empire of websites, apps, and social media, but continues to chase after whatever comes next.

During the pandemic, I found myself watching a lot of his Instagram videos. Essentially, he would just strike up a live chat and open all the free content that is constantly sent to him. I’m sure he has so many products from so many companies, big and small.

And then he started trying pizzas in various pizzerias. It comes from the northeast where you can find a pizzeria on every corner. Those impromptu reviews turned into “bite-sized” reviews which then morphed into an app and its own line of pizzas.

I told you … great.

Recently, he brought his “one bite” (which, for the record, is never just one bite) review to Denver. It was said he was going to be in the area, so the recommendations started pouring in. There was one place that seemed to stand out.

Pizza of the Redeemer.

For those who have heard of the Redeemer, you know that they have only been open for a few months. And now they have someone like Dave Portnoy with nearly four million followers trying their food and saying their name on social media.


For what it’s worth, he gave their pizza a 7.8 rating. He also tried their garlic knots, served with a sweet chili sauce, which he gave a rating of 7.5. I think he would have rated them better if they had been served with a traditional marinara sauce.

See for yourself …

Guess we’ll have to put this one on the list for our next road trip.

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