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Two notable restaurants on Wisconsin Dells Parkway will now be owned by the same owner.

The Del-Bar, owned by sisters Amy Wimmer and Anne Stoken, is a year-round restaurant and bar serving primarily dinner fare. Mr. Pancake is open during tourist season (May through September) and specializes in pancakes and other breakfast foods. Wimmer and Stoken recently purchased Mr. Pancake and will seek to expand the restaurant’s menu as well as allow employees to work at both restaurants.

Del-Bar’s public relations contact, Carla Minsky, called the purchase “a food match made in heaven.”

“We always thought about adding a second restaurant,” Stoken said. “We were exploring several options and were good friends of the Thompson family. They contacted us to see if we would be interested in acquiring it and it made sense for us to have a breakfast shift as it is across the street from the Del-Bar dinner service.”

Dianne Thompson owned Mr. Pancake with her daughter, Liz Knoop, according to Knoop’s daughter, Emily Olson, and sold it to Stoken and Wimmer.

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A statement announcing the purchase also said that Stoken and Wimmer were drawn to Mr. Pancake by recipes, family, tradition and loyal customers. Both restaurants will continue operating hours, with Del-Bar remaining open year-round and Mr. Pancake being a seasonal restaurant.

“The Thompson family has done a great job building a great business for many, many years,” Stoken said. “I think we had a vision of what we could do to add a new twist to it and we were just excited to put that together and kind of freshen up Mr. Pancake.”

With the purchase, Stoken and Wimmer revamped Mr. Pancake’s interior. The floor tiles have been replaced and the chairs in the restaurant have been repainted, along with new wallpaper installed and updates to the bathrooms. The owners were looking to create a “nautical vibe” with the remodel, which features white and blue colors throughout most interiors. No major renovations, such as the tearing down of walls, have been carried out.

Customers waiting to be seated can order different Torke-branded coffee drinks (lattes, cappuccinos, espressos) as well as mimosas from a newly installed coffee bar. The coffee bar will also include homemade pastries that can be purchased to go, as well as specialty coffee drinks. Mimosas and specialty coffees are new to Stoken and Wimmer. Stuffed animals will continue to be sold at the waiting counter.

Each restaurant’s menu items will be mutually exclusive. However, Mr. Pancake’s menu is expected to expand, with dishes such as avocado toast, steak and eggs, egg sandwiches, as well as homemade baked goods such as blueberry muffins and cake. with cinnamon.

“A lot of menu items will be exactly the same,” Wimmer said. “We just had a few new ones that we added.”

With the purchase, employees of one restaurant will be able to work in the other as operations take place at different times of the day. Wimmer said a factor in choosing a breakfast restaurant over another lunch/dinner establishment was that she and Stoken were not “in competition with ourselves.”

“It made sense that we already had several employees working elsewhere for breakfast,” Wimmer said. “For us, having our employees that we rely on and who are very trustworthy, so that we can have them in both places, rather than hiring new people, made sense.”

Wimmer took over Del-Bar in 2018 from her and Stoken’s father, Jeff and his wife, Jane. Stoken came the following year and both are third-generation owners, according to the release. They returned to the Dells area after working in Colorado. Wimmer said Del-Bar was opened in 1943 by the sisters’ grandparents, Jim and Alice Wimmer.

Note: This article was updated on May 5 to correct information about Mr. Pancake’s former owners.

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