Delicious bagels in Delhi cafes that every breakfast spread kneads

Whether you enjoy a good old cream cheese number on toast or something savory with greens, eggs and other nutritious ingredients on your breakfast plate, these Delhi cafes have a delicious creation. of bagels for you.

The undisputed king of American breakfast menus, the versatile bagel has been the culinary world’s favorite canvas for experimentation. It delighted brunches coated in layers of salmon and avocado and joined in with cheese to take on the role of indulgent comfort food.

While there are several unique iterations of this classic baked bread around the world, its origins date back to the 14th century, when Germans who had emigrated to Poland saw their pretzels evolve into obwarzanek and become a holiday bread. . Other reports say it was an accidental invention by an Austrian chief who shaped a yeast dough into a circle and called it a “beugel”, Austrian for “stirrup”, to present to the horse-loving King of Poland in the 17th century.

Today, bagels adorn the culinary dishes of various restaurants, surviving or adapting to many food trends. Traditionally, it is shaped by hand into a ring shape and boiled for a short time in water before being cooked. The perfect bagel is soft, chewy on the inside, crispy on the outside. Here we have put together a list of cafes in Delhi that do bagels justice.

Embark on a bagel trail when visiting these cafes in Delhi

Known for serving comforting western dishes, Crepe-fe’s menu offers desserts, pancakes, waffles, pizzas and more, all made with high-quality ingredients. Nutella pancakes, pesto paneer and chicken croissant are popular on the menu. There’s also a dedicated bagel section on their menu, and the ring-shaped bread is baked fresh on-site. Flavors like paneer tikka masala and pesto boy are highly recommended. Other bagel options include classic garlic, herb and cream cheese, and fried chicken and sweet potato bagels.

Image: Courtesy of Crepe-Fe


Plot No. 102, No. 2, Road, Block D, Ardee Town, Sector 52, Gurugram, Haryana

Known for its artisan coffee, deliciously inventive menu and lively atmosphere, Cafe Tesu has long been a Delhi hotspot. Popular on their menu are chicken poutine, truffle fries, mulled wine, and egg benedict. Their breakfast also comes highly recommended and includes a refreshing smoked salmon bagel and a cheesy mushroom bagel, both loaded with healthy and delicious ingredients.

Image Courtesy: Cafe Tesu


Essex Farm 4, Sri Aurobindo Marg, Vijay Mandal Enclave, Kalu Sarai, Aurobindo Marg, New Delhi

One of the city’s most popular breakfast spots, Cafe Di Ghent serves up fresh bagels every morning. The extensive menu will give you plenty to choose from here, of which smoothies, lamb lasagna, eggs benedict and smoked salmon are popular. There’s a dedicated bagel menu, serving everything from classic bagels and cream cheese to options with smoked salmon, pork sausage, shredded bacon, grilled vegetables, poached eggs, and more.

Image: Courtesy of Cafe Di Ghent


207, Level 2, Cross Point Mall, DLF Phase 4, Gurgaon

Known for delicious desserts made from high quality ingredients, Nik Baker’s most popular creations include Chocolate Chip Cookies, Fajitas, BBQ Corn Pizza, Eclair and Blueberry Cheesecake. . Bagel creations include a seven-grain bagel bread topped with sunflower seeds, barley, flax seeds, oats, rye, and buckwheat. You can take some to take home or ask the restaurant to serve it with additions like ham and cheese, cream cheese, paneer tikka, butter, eggs, bacon, salami or spicy chicken tikka. When paired with their popular Mocha Coffee, the bagel makes for a delicious morning meal.

Image: Courtesy of Nik Baker


M-25, Block M Market, Grand Kailash 2 (GK 2), New Delhi

Bringing authentic Japanese desserts, sweets and other quick bites to Delhi, this cafe is a must visit for a unique dining experience. Popular on the menu are whiskey cake, gyoza, curry katsu, yakitori, and karaage. There are also delicious fluffy Japanese pancakes served here. And while you might not expect an American creation to grace the menu at this place, they recently introduced homemade sourdough bagel creations with ingredients like crisp lettuce, avocado , chicken, ham and veggies that go well with a cup of their macchiato.

Image: Courtesy of Harajuku Tokyo Cafe


F-40, First Floor, Select City Walk Mall, Saket, New Delhi

An Instagrammable Manhattan-themed cafe with artisan coffee, dozens of customizable desserts and pizzas, Fifth Avenue Bakery and Cafe is a must-visit. Their salted caramel pastry, blueberry cheesecake, cupcakes, cappuccino and sundaes come highly recommended. They also have a delicious egg and bagel sandwich, with options to include chicken or pork salami. You can opt for toasted bagels with eggs prepared according to your tastes. The bagel pizza menu, with options like olives and bell pepper, grilled chicken, and pepperoni, is popular.

Image: Fifth Avenue Bakery and Cafe


Shop 144, First Floor, DLF City Court, DLF Phase 1, Gurgaon

A staple for wholesome healthy eating, this cafe is synonymous with conscious eating and as such incorporates the use of high quality ingredients, air frying and baking. Sugar-free brownies, key lime pie, shrimp salad, soba noodles, and pizzas are popular here. Their bagel creations include a sourdough number with Norwegian salmon, capers and feta cheese as well as a yogurt and herb cream cheese dish. Other options include bagels topped with ingredients like scrambled eggs, chicken and cream cheese, chicken and Philadelphia cheese. All accompanied by a refreshing salad.

Image: Courtesy Getafix Cafe


M 15, 1st Floor, Greater Kailash 1 (GK 1), New Delhi

This awesome, Instagrammable and laid-back cafe serves, as the name suggests, innovative food and drinks. A collaborative effort of several industry enthusiasts, their menu’s most recommended creations are Fries and Dip, Mexican Ratatouille Toast, and desserts like Croissant French Toast and Apple Pie Pancake. . Their bagel creations nod to the popular “all bagel” trend and come with ingredients like truffle cream cheese, mixed greens, fresh tomatoes and fried eggs.

Image: Courtesy Fully Experimental


Plot 2, Khasra 264, Westend Marg, Saidulajab, Lado Sarai, New Delhi

This charming bakery is known for making the most delicious, preservative-free bread in town. We’re talking authentic croissants, sourdough breads, lavash and more. They also have a host of dips, including cream cheese in flavors like thyme and lemon, onion and chive, and spicy dill and jalapeno. The bakery’s cruffins, muffins and cookies come highly recommended, as do their crunchy bagels. You can choose a few to make a meal at home or have their dressed versions, including the Everything Bagel, Toasted Sesame Bagel, Plain Bagel, and Cinnamon Raisin Bagel, served with homemade spreads. and butter.

Image: Courtesy of Suchali’s Artisan Bakery


5-CC, 1st Floor, PVR Priya Complex, Basant Lok Market, Vasant Vihar, New Delhi

Popular for artisan coffee made with 100% Arabica beans sourced from different estates across the country, Third Wave Coffee Roasters’ most popular menu features include their coffees, pizzas, wraps and cakes. They also offer the classic combination of bagel and cream cheese, and you can either get the plain option or top it off with green onions. These are served with a side of fries. Add an Americano or mocha to this mix and you have the quintessential New York breakfast.

Picture: @gobble_and_chug/Instagram


M 44, Mezzanine Floor, M Block Market, Greater Kailash 2 (GK 2), New Delhi

Feature image: Courtesy of David Fedulov/Unsplash; Hero Image: Courtesy of Andy Hay/Unsplash

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