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Your February 2, 2002 submission from your broker specialized in processing banking transactions with the typical characters “Loan Consolidation” and ” Loan Repurchase Credit ” ( Loan RAC ).

New developments have been made to the product intended for the realization of new project (s) carried by the individual owning a property, and presenting a stable and sustainable income of employee category of company or of retirement.

Exclusivity reserved for our clients with a borrowing owner profile who is looking for a Wingfield familyment plan including a cash envelope allocated to a specific expense or not, which includes one or more consumer credit (s) (personal loan and cash reserve). ‘money, also revolving credit ..) in repayment phase, and which brings a significant decrease in the monthly expenses of the grouped receivables.

Product Description Short Term Cash Loan Repurchase

Product Description Short Term Cash Loan Repurchase

The bank product ” Redemption of short-term cash loans ” is a group of consumer loans including a loan of money in the form of unsecured loans at a fixed rate. That is, not backed by a mortgage registration.

The amortization period of the sum of the capital and interest expenses is seventy-two months minimum and one hundred and forty-four months maximum.

The amount at Wingfield familyr is at least ten thousand euros and seventy thousand euros maximum. The amount financed, according to the prior offer of short-term cash credit, includes the global customer requirement (capital remaining due to creditors + additional liquidity) and, all the costs related to the processing of the customer request (costs of bank record and broker fees).

Acceptance standards for the purchase of credit for consumption + cash

Acceptance standards for the <a href=purchase of credit for consumption + cash” />

In order to be able to claim his eligibility, the client’s request must present, after studying the supporting documents of the file, the client debt ratio before the maximum allowed operation is 70%.

After operation, the result of the debt restructuring must allow the applicant not to exceed a debt ratio excluding insurance (optional) ceiling of 40%.

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