Discover their first pizza

It may not have an Italian name, but it will serve good Italian food. “The shop” arrives at Chatham Plaza on Main Street where Café Villa was located.

The owners of the boutique Vincenzo Bernardo and Christopher Bezzone tell
“We look forward to being a neighborhood dining destination where someone can stop by a few times a week for their favorite lunch or dinner,” Bezzone said, focusing on “pizza, pasta and panino “.

You can also buy special sauces, cheeses and fresh breads at The Shop. They posted their first pizza made for New Years Eve on Facebook and Instagram along with some of their other articles.

According to them Instagram, the store will serve freshly prepared meals, offer BYOB, take out and food. On their page, they mentioned that they are expected to open in two weeks and that they are currently undergoing training with their cooks and staff.

There will also be a more intimate boutique within the boutique called “The Supper Club”, which will offer limited seating with a smaller special menu.

But will it be as good as the old established Café Villa and is no longer there?

If you are looking to be a part of it. The store is also recruiting.

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