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And now for something completely different.

Just days after Pizza Bruno opened in College Park, owner Bruno Zacchini is once again going to try his hand at making food with holes.

Only this time it will be donuts, not bagels.

Dizzy Donuts, slated to open late 2022/early 2023 at 2413 Edgewater Drive (between Adriatico and Graffiti Junktion) in College Park, will tap into Zacchini’s love for hot, fried-to-order cake donuts of the kind to which he indulges in Browns Restaurant and other joints on the Jersey Shore.

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Future site of Dizzy Donuts

Zacchini will offer hot cake donuts in plain, glazed, cinnamon sugar and a “fun sugar” he’s currently working on, but will also offer other dress-up donuts called “stars” – as in “the stars you see when you get dizzy,” he says.

Examples of these wobble-inducing wheels include lime, s’mores, and Thai tea.

“We’ll have a rotating distribution of seasonal variations,” Zacchini says, “but we’ll definitely find a lot of stars as we go along.”

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Browns Restaurant, Ocean City

And that’s not all.

Dizzy Donuts will also serve karaage fried chicken sandwiches (inspired by Zacchini’s love of Tori Tori’s Japanese fried chicken) and offer a full coffee program.

Umm, no, it won’t be Foxtail Coffee.

Dizzy Donuts will be open for breakfast and lunch Wednesday through Sunday, to begin with. And considering how Pizza Bruno has risen to the heights of pizzadom in this town, I wouldn’t be surprised if Dizzy Donuts did the same for hollow foods.

And that’s no small praise.

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