Do-Good Bagel and Pizza Shop set to release in Highland Park in October


It’s been almost two years since Chef Bradford Kent signed the lease to open Bagel and Slice (stylized as Bagel + Slice) in Highland Park – but given the unpredictable nature of the ongoing pandemic, in addition to the usual clearance and construction delays, the restaurant is only now nearing completion. When Bagel and Slice opens on York Boulevard in October, expect to find bagels served all day, New York-style pizzas in the afternoons and evenings, and an ambitious philosophy that encompasses social sustainability. , environmental and financial.

Kent has spent the past year refining his recipes for the restaurant’s two flagship products. “I designed a pizza-slash-bagel oven from scratch at home for R&D,” he says. “I knew I had to nail it when I opened it; there are far too many good bagels in LA. And now there is some great pizza in LA. I have to be able to open really, really hard.

Bagel and Slice will indeed face stiff competition in and around its neighborhood, as northeast Los Angeles is home to many beloved pizza places, including Town Pizza, Triple Beam, Folliero’s, and Casa Bianca. While Belle’s Bagels is Highland Park’s toughest bagel competitor, the greater Eastside has a lot more competition from Maury’s, Courage Bagels, and Brooklyn Bagel Bakery.

But Bagel and Slice is ready to hit the scene: Organic hand-rolled, pot-boiled and board-baked bagels will be available all day from 7 a.m. Each is made up of 10 percent. regenerator wheat using the rigorous criteria set by the New York Bagel Bakers Union (Local 338) in the early 1900s, to burlap wrapped baking boards. Bagels come in the usual array of flavors like poppy seeds, sesame seeds and all. Kent’s favorite is made with rosemary, cracked pepper and sea salt. Bagels come plain or served with traditional accessories like cream cheese and Nova salmon. They can also be made into breakfast sandwiches (with eggs, bacon, etc.) or made into pizza bagels. Bagel and Slice will offer dairy-free spreads and gluten-free bagels for people with dietary restrictions or allergies.

Kent will start baking 16-inch New York-style pizzas around lunchtime and refresh the selection until the restaurant closes at 10pm; the pizzas will be sold individually or as a whole pie. Kent promises pizza crusts will crack when folded but never break completely, like in the Big Apple. Toppings include homemade sausage and meatballs, pepperoni and more.

The menu is complemented by salads including a Caesar with bagel croutons and a plant-based Cobb with vegan Goddess dressing, Counter Culture coffee, and a few rotating Jewish baked goods like bialys, babka, the rugelach and Mandelbrot.

Bagel and Slice is one of two restaurant tenants occupying the commercial building at 4751 York Boulevard, a public space owned by Western College dedicated to bringing local and regional artists together within the college and surrounding communities. The extensive rental application process for the 1,300 square foot lot Oxy-Arts The space, which included written reflections, menu tastings and presentations to faculty, students and community members, was an eye-opening and groundbreaking experience for Kent. “[Occidental] saw us as a piece of the community, as a representative and an extension of the [college]. It wasn’t just a transaction, finding someone to pay the rent, ”he said. “I realized that they saw a tenant as something different than I had ever imagined. ”

Kent, owner of a Neapolitan pizzeria Olio inside the downtown Grand Central Market and is the co-founder and culinary director of the national pizza chain Blaze, is committed to the social, environmental and financial sustainability of Bagel and Slice – a triple Bottom line approach which has been influenced in part by the mission of Occidental College and its dedication to the public good.

To that end, Kent prioritizes the well-being of his staff, community, customers and the environment over restaurant profits, which he capped at 15%. The industry standard for profits typically ranges from 20 to 25 percent depending on the price and volume of the restaurant, says Kent. From sourcing ingredients to environmental impact to compensation and employee benefits, Kent will continually examine every facet of the business to ensure it aligns with its values. “I’m fortunate to have had some success in my life to be able to exercise this experience and see if it works. And I think it will.

Although Occidental College does not subsidize the business in any way, Kent relies on a number of the college’s green initiatives, including ensuring the energy efficiency of the entire operation, composting of kitchen food waste and validation of claims such as fair trade and organic for all restaurant ingredients and suppliers.

Bagel and Slice is still a month away from opening, but appears periodically to preview its menu and raise money for charity. To follow Bagel and slice on Instagram for the latest news on all upcoming events.

Chef Bradford Kent is opening Bagel and Slice next month.

Slice of pepperoni pizza from Bagel and Slice in Highland Park.

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