Down North Pizza, Korshak Bagels and Laser Wolf win New York Times


A year and a half after the start of the pandemic, as the restaurant industry shows signs of recovery, the New York Times food counter set out to find what it considers “the 50 liveliest restaurants and restaurants. the most delicious in 2021 ”.

And would you believe there are only five in New York?

It’s a diverse group – small towns such as Roots Southern Table in Farmers Branch, Texas, as well as more elegant entrees such as Thip Khao in Washington, DC – together reflecting “the rich mosaic of American cuisine.”

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Three Philly spots – Down North Pizza, Korshak Bagels and Laser Wolf – were on the list, featured in a owl interactive.

North (2804 W. Lehigh Ave., North Philadelphia) was applauded for its mission of providing jobs to those previously incarcerated. The Detroit-style pizza “is well worth the trip beyond downtown Philadelphia.” The menu is mainly composed of take-out pizzas / wings / fries / shakes; there is a rail for eating.

Korshak Bagels (10th and Morris Streets, South Philadelphia) is the home of former pizza baker and poet Philip Korshak, who had built a loyal following for what the Times called “soft sourdough bagels.” (Full stop here. A New York post praising a bagel baked in the 215 area code?) Korshak’s studio, which opened in May 2021, regularly draws lines. If you are in doubt as to your choices, simply spin the carnival-style double wheel of fortune on a wall opposite the counter. It’s partly a Coney Island shtick and partly utility. One wheel has the different schmears, and the other, turned in the opposite direction, denotes the variety of bagels. An egg bagel with blueberry compote? A garlic bagel with a mango and ginger chutney?

Laser wolf (Howard and Thompson Streets, Kensington) is the only true fine dining restaurant in the Philly Group, and one of reviewer Craig LaBan’s recent picks for Philadelphia’s 10 Best Restaurants. This is the Middle Eastern “shipudiya” of Michael Solomonov and Steve Cook, a sort of younger and more hip brother of their much-honored Zahav. The Times looked at “the fantastic range of meze-style salatim… and hearty grilled kebabs… Few restaurants offer so much flavor for their money, and what could be more exciting than that?” “

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