Einstein Bros Bagels brings the hype with its new breakfast item

For many people, a bagel and a schmear is the tasty way to start the day. Whether it’s this whole bagel or a sweet cinnamon raisin, toasted bagel is delicious. But, Einstein Bros Bagels brings a new breakfast to the menu. Does the popular restaurant chain offer a bold flavor that will appeal to customers?

Whether it’s back to school or you just want to start the day with a hearty bite, breakfast is back. As more and more restaurants add to their offerings, people want both familiar and varied. This convenient stop has to offer everything, otherwise it might be skipped for another option.

At Einstein Bros Bagels, the famous restaurant brand innovates in its menu. From bagel flavors to breakfast sandwiches, the company knows it needs to not only entice new customers to stop by, but also retain existing fans.

What is the new Einstein Bros Bagels menu item?

Recently, the restaurant brand added the Chorizo ​​Breakfast Burrito. A departure for companythis breakfast item is definitely a big bite.

According to Chad Thompson, head of culinary innovation at Einstein Bros. Bagels, “Our version of the Breakfast Burrito is very tasty and filling. The Chorizo ​​Breakfast Burrito truly lives up to its hype – made to order with just the right amount of smoky, spicy chorizo.

The chorizo ​​breakfast burrito is described as “soft cageless eggs, flavorful chorizo, thick bacon, perfectly cooked hash browns, a trio of asiago, parmesan and romano cheeses and a salsa tangy jalapeno; all wrapped in a warmed flour tortilla. The cooked-to-order breakfast seems to be different from other quick service restaurant breakfasts. While some brands focus on sweetness, this option might appeal to the person who wants their big meal of the day to be in the morning. It could keep hunger at bay for a long time.

Even though this new menu item has been added, the classic bagels aren’t going anywhere. Plus, to celebrate back to school, Einstein Bros Bagels will be offering a special $1 deal.

According to the brand, half a dozen bagels only cost $1 when customers buy half a dozen bagels. The offer is available in bakeries and online. The offer is valid until August 16.

Do you have breakfast plans? What is your favorite breakfast at the quick service restaurant?

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