Einstein Bros. Bagels is Changing the Conversation About Breakfast Pizza

Who hasn’t eaten a cold slice of leftover pizza for breakfast? While this food may be convenient, it may not be the tastiest bite. Einstein Bros Bagels puts a new twist on this breakfast pizza concept.

Many people turn to Einstein Bros Bagels for great-tasting yet innovative bagel offerings. From creative flavors to the ever-popular classic flavors, a dozen bakers and a schmear can bring smiles to the first meal of the day.

Breakfast trends are changing. Whether it’s breakfast for dinner or breakfast with the family, the truth is that the first meal of the day doesn’t limit the flavors on the table. From savory to sweet, the kitchen can whip up an abundance of delights before lunchtime.

At Einstein Bros Bagels, the new Pepperoni Pizza Egg Sandwich proves that traditional pizza flavors can be twisted in new ways. Instead of a stale slice, this offering could change pizza tradition.

As Chief Chad Thompson, Culinary Innovation Manager at Einstein Bros. Bagels said: “Our version of breakfast pizza is a gourmet bagel with freshly baked pepperoni, seasoned eggs, melted cheese, tons of pepperoni and a kick of pizza sauce. Putting an egg on a pizza sounds a little weird, but trust us, it’s delicious.

While there are breakfast pizzas, with eggs and bacon, the gourmet pepperoni bagel seems to have many possibilities for food combinations. Beyond that particular pairing, why not skip the egg and add some extra cheese. It is a tastier version of a grilled cheese. Or, how about adding some sliced ​​tomatoes or a few basil leaves. Sometimes new foods can get the creative juices flowing.

If all this talk of a pizza bagel has created a craving, it can only be purchased on National Pizza Day, February 9. It will be available “Ephemeral Pizzeria” Denver West Einstein Bros. Lakewood, Colorado.

And, if you’re not in Colorado, National Food Day might not be a slice above. But, maybe Einstein Bros Bagels could add this ambitious food offering to the menu in the near future.

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