Eurovision Culinary Contest: Stars Share Their Country’s Favorite Bites

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If there’s anything to take away from this year’s Eurovision Song Contest, it’s to live a healthy life. We have Citi Zēni from Latvia who urges us to eat salad and the duo Subwoofer from Norway who wants to “Give this wolf a banana”. But besides eating plant-based diets, what else do our Eurovision stars like to feast on?

We’ve asked some of this year’s contestants to share their favorite snack or dish from the country they represent, and let’s just say we can forgive them if they’re having a ‘cheat day’ since Eurovision is the excuse. perfect for gorging on special rates.

Australia: Sheldon Riley

Of course, we couldn’t write this list without adding Sheldon Riley’s two zests, so that’s where our snack trail begins. The Australian Eurovision representative told SBS Food that his Filipino grandparents inspired a dish close to his heart.

“I spent a lot of time with my grandparents when I was little. There’s this Filipino dish called adobo, and it’s one of my favorite dishes that they taught me how to cook. I I can do it really well, and my partner loves it, and it’s really nice to see him love Filipino culture and food,”

“It just smells good, and that’s just the feeling you get.”

You also give us the Sheldon warmth and fuzziness with your choice of food — and your voice.

Montenegro: Vladana Vucinic

After a two-year absence from the competition, Montenegro is back with singer Vladana Vucinic representing the Balkan nation. Besides singing, her other favorite pastime is feasting on a dish from Montenegro.

“My favorite dish is called japraci. It is a mixture of minced meat and rice rolled into a raštan, which is a variety of black cabbage that only grows in Montenegro,” Vucinic told SBS Food.

“We only have japraci for special occasions like New Year’s Eve, and my mom used to make it the best. Dad came right behind!”

Estonia: Stefan Airapetjan

Pancakes may be a breakfast staple in singer Stefan Airapetjan’s home country of Estonia, but it’s another morning favorite that catches his eye: omelettes.

Airapetjan tells SBS Food that this egg-heavy meal gives him a sense of nostalgia for his Armenian roots.

“My grandmother in Armenia used to make me an omelette with cilantro, oil and lavash bread, and eating it just reminds me of her and how happy it made me when I was a child .”

Germany: Malik Harris

German Malik Harris could sing rock stars when he steps onto the Eurovision stage, but he raves about his favorite carb-filled dish, käsespätzle (often called the German version of mac and cheese), when not on stage.

“There is no place on earth where käsespätzle as perfect as in Bavaria, Germany.”

“Since I try to live mostly vegan, I would go with vegan käsespätzle“, says Harris, born in Bavaria.”Kasespatzle is a typical Bavarian dish that I like to have with lots of pepper because it always reminds me of home because there is no place on Earth where käsespätzle as perfect as in Bavaria, Germany.”

Switzerland: Marius Ours

Her track may be reminiscent of “Boys Do Cry,” but her snacking memories are full of tears of joy and dreams of cheese. After leaving Australia when he was just eight years old, Marius’ family settled in the Appenzellerland region of northwest Switzerland and with that comes Appenzeller cheese, a cheese alpine hard cow’s milk.

“A good snack, especially with fresh homemade bread on a cheese board (mainly Appenzell cheese!), fruit, nuts or pickles. Depending on the time of day, a glass of red wine was also a delicious choice to take with it.”

Greece: Amanda Georgiadis Tenfjord

Greek Amanda Georgiadis Tenfjord is no stranger to dietary challenges. She undertook one on what was a hot, pork-filled summer in Greece.

Tenfjord says, “My favorite dish is gyros because it has all the good stuff like tzatziki, fries, tomato and pork, and I even set myself a personal challenge when I was 16 to eat a gyro by day in summer.”

And were Tenfjord’s efforts worthy of a Guinness World Records entrance?

“I ate 64!” she says.

That’s one way to wrap up this list!

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