Fancy Bagels opens third express location in Plantsville

SOUTHINGTON — Bagels go straight from the oven into the hands of customers at the brand new location of Fancy Bagels, which began serving Plantsville customers last month.

“It was stable all day, with busy peaks over the weekend. It’s amazing,” said Chris Fiorillo, who has partnered with longtime owners of Fancy Bagels to open a third store at 309 Buckland St. The business, which opened Aug. 13, has sold nearly 1,000 bagels Saturday and Sunday.

Fancy Bagels at 405 Queen St. celebrated 30 years in business in 2020. The company also has a location in Farmington.

Operating as Fancy Bagels XPress, the new restaurant aims to offer customers much of the same experience they expect from a visit to the Queen Street location, but without having to brave traffic. The menu focuses on the bagel options that have proven to be the most popular in the three decades that Fancy Bagels has been in town.

Customers can also order smoothies, which are not currently available at other Fancy Bagels stores.

Although it lacks indoor dining, Fiorillo said he hopes to add a few tables outside. Despite its small size, the bagels are still baked on-site using dough brought in each morning from Fancy Bagels’ centralized distribution location near Industrial Drive.

Part of the delay in opening the restaurant – Fiorillo originally wanted to launch around early summer – was to have the new ovens mimic the process that Fancy Bagel bakers have mastered on ovens several years old. decades from other sites.

Fiorillo has worked in the music management industry for 20 years – he’s currently a rep for Chris Webby, a Norwalk-based rapper – and also owned music store Quiet Sounds.

Being able to partner with the owners of Fancy Bagels, Dominick Gualtieri and Salvatore Belcaro, gave Fiorillo a solid foundation for entering the food business. A Plantsville resident himself, Fiorillo had come up with the idea of ​​opening a cafe in the area just as Belcaro and Gualtieri were looking to expand.

“Chris was looking to do something and it fell together,” Gualtieri said. He had known Fiorillo, a distant cousin, all his life and was looking for someone who could help them open a store in Plantsville.

Gualtieri said expansion to Plantsville was inevitable.

“Over the years, the consistent thing we’ve heard from customers is to go to our side of town,” he said. “…If they’re on that side of town a lot, people don’t want to make that trip to Queen Street…”

Business has exploded for Fancy Bagels, with 1.3 million bagels baked last year. To meet growing demand for their storefronts and wholesale distribution to businesses like Neil’s Donuts, the company opened the distribution location towards the end of May. Gualtieri said they are looking to expand their wholesale operations and could see more Fancy Bagels locations open over the next two years if they can find partners to help run them.

“We have plans for a whole bunch of stores right now,” he said.

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