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An Arctic airmass will hold its grip on much of the Pacific
Northwest through the remainder of the work week and into the
first part of the weekend, with prolonged subfreezing temperatures.
Daytime highs will struggle to rise into the 20s and 30s with
lows in the single digits and low teens. Areas in the mountains,
and those that receive heavier snowfall in the lower elevations,
will likely fall below zero for a time early Saturday morning,
with teens and single digit lows expected otherwise. While winds
are expected to remain light, even winds of 10 mph will make
single digit wind chills common, with sub zero wind chills
Saturday morning. A slight warming trend is forecast by early next
week, limiting cold danger beyond the weekend.

These extremely cold temperatures can lead to rapid onset of
frost bite and hypothermia for those without adequate clothing and
protection from the cold. If outdoors, remember to dress in
layers and cover exposed skin. Due to the prolonged nature of sub
freezing temperatures, uncovered pipes will be susceptible to
freezing and bursting. Take steps to ensure pipes are protected
and outdoor faucets are covered.

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