Free Pizza for Vocelli Pizza Grand Opening in Lawrence, NJ


Wow. It’s a hell of a deal. In honor of the grand opening of Pizza Vocelli in Lawrence Township tomorrow (Wednesday, November 17), the new Brunswick Avenue store is giving away 100 FREE PIZZAS.

Yes, you heard me, 100 free pizzas. Here is the offer, according to the flyer I received in the mail because I live in the area: the first 100 take-out customers will receive a large pepperoni or cheese pizza for free. Hooray. Who doesn’t like pizza?

You still have to respect the rules. It is take out only. There is a limit of one per family. You must be 18 years of age or older. The offer is only for the traditional Vocelli crust. No replacement. If you want other toppings, you will have to pay for them. You don’t even need a coupon. Amusing.

Remember, the FREE PIZZA will go to the first 100 people walking through the door at 4 p.m. at the new Vocelli Pizza (2098 Brunswick Avenue), in the same mall as Dunkin ‘and Aladdin Furniture on Whitehead Road. I have a feeling people will be lining up before 4pm for their free pizza, so I plan to line up early.

Vocelli Pizza wants to have fun with this, but still wants you to be safe, so they ask you to use good social distancing while you are at the store tomorrow and masks or face covers are required, so don’t don’t forget to bring one.

Never heard of Vocelli Pizza before? Click on here for more details.

Vocelli Pizza is located at 2098 Brunswick Avenue, Lawrence Township. You can order online here or by calling (609) 888-6069.

Need a job? They are hiring. Click on here for more information.

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