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TO Pizzeria and Ristorante de Riccio In Point Pleasant Beach, New Jersey, pizza begins with the dough — which, yes, we realize is probably technically true of every pizza throughout history throughout history, but while most pizza places rely on tradition and a healthy dose of mysticism to create their pies, Riccio turned to science, creating the building blocks of his dough at the molecular level.

“Water makes all the difference in the world,” said Richard Riccio, owner and founder of Riccio. “There is a major difference between New York water and New Jersey water.”

Before Riccio opened the pizzeria on weekends only at the end of April, he knew how to create pies and slices with the thin, crispy crust that the rest of the pizzeria planet associates with New York, he had to. first to duplicate the natural properties of New York City Water which, when mixed with flour, creates a dough with the ideal structure of gluten.

“You’re going to get authentic New York style pizza,” Riccio said.

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“It’s not really New York style pizza”, New York Water Machine said President and CEO Paul Errigo. “It’s actually an authentic New York pizza.”

Errigo sold Riccio a patented seven-step water replication system capable of replicating any water source in the world.

“It filters,” Errigo said, “it disinfects with ozone and ultraviolet light, it changes the frequency of the water molecule itself, it filters down to a micron.”

Riccio, unsurprisingly, chose to replicate New York City’s water, fed into faucets in five boroughs from the aquifers of the Catskills, many of which credit that city’s bagels, bread and pizza as superior. .

“This is really what makes New York pizza so unique,” ​​Errigo said.

“It’s the crisp and that’s how it comes out of the oven,” Riccio said.

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Errigo has sold its New York Water Maker systems across the country, spreading the gospel of authentic New York pizza to the uninitiated.

Riccio’s opens seven days a week on Remembrance Day.

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