Giada De Laurentiis Says Her Crispy Turkey Bites Are ‘Great’ For Thanksgiving Leftovers

Thanksgiving is over, and for many that means the fridge is full of leftovers. But what to do with all of them? The answer is simple. Prepare the crispy turkey bites from Giada De Laurentiis. The famous chef offers all types of Thanksgiving dishes. Among them is his recipe for crispy turkey bites. De Laurentiis fuses classic Italian ingredients and Thanksgiving leftovers to create something unique and delicious.

Giada De Laurentiis Crispy Turkey Bites is a 40-minute dish

Giada De Laurentiis | Peter Kramer / NBCUniversal via Getty Images

This recipe isn’t necessarily for the person who wants to take a break from the kitchen after Thanksgiving. According to Food Network, De Laurentiis Crispy Turkey Bites are ready in 40 minutes. And all this time, yes all, is considered “active”. This means it’s a bit more complicated than the other Food Network star recipes. However, it is still classified as easy to do at home.

So how does De Laurentiis do it? She makes the filling using the leftovers from Thanksgiving. After adding fresh herbs and spices, it forms balls. Then she puts a cheesy “little surprise” in each one. Then she coats them in egg wash and breadcrumbs before they make their way to the frying pan. Finally, De Laurentiis serves them with an accompaniment of its cranberry dipping sauce which comes together after a few pulses in a food processor.

Leftover turkey and leftover stuffing are the basis of crispy turkey bites

De Laurentiis demonstrated how she makes her crispy turkey bites in an episode of Giada Vacation Manual titled “Thanksgiving Brunch”. She starts off with none other than the leftovers from Thanksgiving dinner, especially the turkey and the stuffing.

“It’s a great leftover dish,” said the Cordon Bleu-trained chef. “I have a lot of dark meat this time, so I use dark meat. You can use white and black, ”she explained, noting that it’s also good to use“ whatever kind of stuffing you have left from Thanksgiving ”. So don’t get too hung up on the details when it comes to the ingredients. Use what’s on hand in the kitchen as Thanksgiving leftovers and go from there. Note: De Laurentiis says, however, that Parmesan is a must for “extra cheesy taste.”

Food Network star’s tips for making crispy turkey bites

By making the dish on Giada Vacation Manual the 51-year-old also shared some tips to make the cooking process easier. First, she suggested using a small ice cream scoop to make sure the scoops are exactly the same size. What is also useful is to “make sure to dice the turkey” and “cut the stuffing” if it is in pieces.

Next, De Laurentiis recommends keeping a close eye on crispy turkey bites while frying. “It’s pretty much done, but what you want to do is melt the smoked mozzarella inside,” she explained. Finally, she encourages people who make them at home to sprinkle them with salt as soon as they come out of the oil.

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