Golan Heights Restaurant and Grandma’s Pizza join YU’s Onecard program

Grandma’s Pizza and Golan Heights Israel Grill & Restaurant have joined YU’s OneCard Participating Vendor Catering Fund program, Director of Catering Services Sam Chasen announced in two separate emails in early February.

At some point in the past two years, both restaurants stopped participating in the program. The emails announcing Golan and Grandma’s return to OneCard were sent out on February 2 and February 7, respectively.

YU’s program allows students to spend a portion of their cafeteria money, labeled as flex funds, at participating restaurants near the Wilf and Beren campuses. Purchases made through student coffee cards are also not taxed, another incentive for students to order at participating restaurants.

Grandma’s Pizza and Golan Heights join Chop Chop, Lake Como Pizza and Burgers & Grill as participating OneCard vendors on the Wilf campus. Participating providers on the Beren campus include Kosher in Midtown and Tiberias. The change comes as some YU-based catering services reopen and expand their hours. The Sky Café, located on the 12th floor of Belfer Hall, reopened this semester Monday through Thursday between 11:30 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. Additionally, Nagel Bagel has added hours Sunday through Thursday between 7:45 p.m. and 11:30 p.m.

“We are very happy to find the caf card. Been busier, the students have been smiling. They are happy,” a representative from the Golan Heights said in a statement to The Commentator. “On our side, we have not received any money [from YU] in 23 days of being on it. We’re a bit frustrated, but hopefully we’ll get it soon.

The students were delighted with these developments. “I am very happy that Grandma’s and other restaurants on Amsterdam Avenue have partnered with YU to allow students to use the caf card as a way to buy food in their stores,” said Ozzie Jeselsohn ( SSSB ’23) at The Commentator. “Now that I no longer have to spend extra money out of pocket, I have been able to frequent these restaurants more times than last semester.”

At press time, YU has not updated its list of participating providers on its website.

Grandma’s Pizza declined to comment on The Commentator.

Photo caption: Golan Heights and Grandma’s Pizza on Amsterdam Ave.

Photo credit: The commentator

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