Goldbelly’s “Icons of NYC” sale features bagels, pizzas, and more.


It may be nicknamed the Big Apple, but thanks to Goldbelly, you can now grab a big bite of a number of other famous New York City delicacies.

Enjoy all the delicacies Manhattan has to offer, without taking the train, plane, or even leaving your apartment.

This week alone, by August 15, the food delivery service is welcoming the New York Icons Sale, offering up to 30% off select items and restaurants.

“It’s the city that never sleeps… but always eats – NYC! And just for this week, we’re bringing you the NYC Icon Sale, up to 30% off some of the city’s most legendary food manufacturers, ” read the sales page. “Di Fara’s New York Holy Grail Pizza to Junior’s Original NY Cheesecake, Nathan’s Coney Island Hot Dogs to Colossal New York Bagels – bring a New York experience to your doorstep.”

Golden belly

Bring your appetite and indulge yourself with breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert options in foodie paradise New York City. To start your day, discover the offers on a New York bagel, with Ess-a-Bagel and their incredible BOGO deal. For just $ 59.59, order 12 bagels and get 12 more for free, with options ranging from plain, sesame and whole wheat to everything, onion, pumpernickel and more.

Moving on to lunch, a day in New York isn’t complete without a slice of pizza, and Goldbelly has options. Check the famous Di Fara pizza and snag two classic Neapolitan pies for $ 79 plus free shipping, as opposed to the original price of $ 89 plus shipping. For more toppings, click on Brooklyn’s Roberta’s Pizza, offering a four-pack of wood-fired pizzas for $ 69, down from the original price of $ 89.

A man holding a pizza and wearing a black apron with white letters reading "Golden belly"
Golden belly

Dinner is every man for himself, as you will have to fight with your family over who will choose the cuisine. If you go for dumplings and dim sum, look no further than Name Wa, which actually has a lot of different dumpling deals as part of the New York Icon Sale. For Italian, see I Trulli and get six different homemade pasta dishes like gnocchi and lasagna for just $ 99, down from the original $ 129.

If you run out of room for dessert, go make some, because you won’t want to run out. black and white cookies from William Greenberg Desserts Where Original cheesecake for juniors, both $ 10 off during this limited-time sale that will end in a minute in New York City.

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