Goldberg’s Original Bagels opens in Marlton NJ

One thing we know around these pieces – BAGELS! Especially where to find good bagels.

And it looks like Marlton NJ just got another good one! This will definitely become one of your go-to places for breakfast/lunch on the go!

According to this Facebook community group, Goldberg’s Original Bagels is now open in Marlton! Formerly Bagelwich, they are located in 320 Evesboro-Medford Road in the Village at Greenes Mall

The signage on the windows shows that they serve FRESH bagels and sandwiches with a coffee. Here’s a great look at the interior, which is modern, crisp and welcoming! Sit down or grab your bite to go!

And the food ? A delicious variety of selections for every day!

Here you get breakfast wraps and sandwiches, croissants, omelettes, muffins, crumb cake, lunch salads, specialty sandwiches and more!

Believe it or not, there are other “Goldberg’s Original Bagels” places, unrelated to this place. According to the message, this one is related to the other location in Westwood NJ.

And this place is by no means the only bagel spot in this area! This is one of 6! Definitely a healthy variety of bagels to try here! For breakfast, lunch, coffee or a quick pastry.

Check back to their website for more updates and details! You can also see a photo of their full menu in their gallery. Click on HERE.

What’s your favorite bagel spot in New Jersey? Don’t be afraid to drop your recommendations!

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