Golden Gaytime Ice Cream Bites have arrived

It’s Australia’s favorite ice cream for a reason, and Golden Gaytime just got better.

WATCH BELOW: Golden Gaytime Cheesecake

The iconic Golden Gaytime ice cream has been transformed into bite-sized balls, offering a whole new way to enjoy the delicious treat.

Made with the classic caramel and vanilla flavor that Aussies have loved since 1959, these bite-sized bites will satisfy your sweet cravings.


The bites come in a pack of 16 and are the perfect snack anytime of the day, with the branding on the pack also stating that they are ‘perfect for sharing’.

However, we imagine you won’t be able to part with these delicious bites.

You can find the new Golden Gaytime ice cream bites in the freezer aisle at Woolworths, and they’re $11 a pack.

Golden Gaytime Eggsellence Easter Egg


This isn’t the only way to enjoy classic ice cream flavors either, as you can also purchase the Golden Gaytime Eggsellence Easter Egg.

Coated in delicious Golden Gaytime crumbs and the iconic caramel flavor of ice cream, it’s the perfect Easter treat.

After its initial launch last year, the Golden Gaytime Eggsellence Easter Egg can once again be found on the shelves of Coles and Woolworths.

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