Grubhub Presents: The (Unexpected) Best Bagels in NYC

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There are few foods that are as quintessentially New York as the humble bagel. From the breakfast sandwich at your local bodega to the dozen bakers you pick up for co-workers on your way back to the office, the city is full of restaurants that claim to have THE best bagel. No matter where you live, what toppings you like, or whether you prefer your bagel toasted (or not), we’ve rounded up the tastiest and most unique bagels from every borough New York has to offer. Just head to Grubhub to place your order, sit down and wait for the delight to come your way.

Utopia Bagels

The Utopia Bagels team has been serving breakfast and lunch to residents of the Whitestone neighborhood in Queens for over 40 years. The menu is extensive and features nearly two dozen flavors of cream cheese, including several vegan options. You won’t go wrong no matter what you choose, but the Worth it (lox, cream cheese, red onions, tomatoes and capers) and the Bee (turkey, Muenster cheese, bacon and honey mustard) are crowd favorites. Pro tip: If you’re not very hungry, you can order almost any sandwich on one of Utopia’s mini bagels to get all the flavor in half the size.

Utopia Bagels is located at 1909 Utopia Parkway in Whitestone – Order now

Bagels and Coffee Terrace

Located right next to Prospect Park, Terrace Bagels and Cafe is a great place to pack the perfect picnic before spending the day outdoors. Or have breakfast in bed by ordering delivery through Grubhub. The bagels are hand-rolled and come in a variety of flavors, including sesame, poppyseed, pumpernickel, egg and all. If you’re feeling a little spicy, add cheddar and jalapeno cream cheese to your bagel of choice, or satisfy your hunger with a Bagel Godfather sandwich stuffed with ham, pepperoni, salami and provolone.

Terrace Bagels and Cafe is located at 222 & 222A Prospect Park West in Park Slope – Order now

Davidovitch Bakery

This Lower Manhattan mainstay has multiple locations to meet all your bagel needs. We love the cozy ambiance of the Clinton Street store, and this place excels if you like your bagels sweeter. We are crazy about cinnamon raisins, which is anything but standard, and the blueberry is bursting with fresh fruit flavors – especially toasted with a little butter. If you want a bagel that’s as quaint as it is delicious, head over to Grubhub now and order the rainbow covered in strawberry cream cheese. You’ll have a satisfying meal and you’ll make all your Instagram and TikTok followers swoon.

Davidovich Bakery is located at 79 Clinton Street on the Lower East Side – Order now.

Shelsky’s Bagels

The Gowanus offshoot of this popular Brooklyn restaurant is known for creating its own twists on classic flavors. They serve an amazing pretzel bagel, add some cracked black pepper to add zest and enhance their salty bagel, and for the real adventurous, they even do a tongue tingle. sichuan pepper bagel. Can’t eat gluten? No problem. Shelsky’s offers gluten-free and just as good plain bagels, so no one should miss a breakfast sandwich. Whichever bagel you choose, be sure to order it with the Crispy Szechuan Chili Cream Cheese for a truly unique, savory and delicious dining experience.

Shelsky’s Bagels is located at 453 4th Avenue in Gowanus – Order now

Between the Bagel

East meets west at this Queens hotspot, best known for creating delicious sandwiches by filling hand-boiled, hand-rolled New York-style bagels with Korean meats, veggies and condiments . Neighborhood residents continually argue over the age-old question: what is best, Soul meets bagel (beef bulgogi, egg and cheese) or DAPS (spicy pork, mozzarella, grilled onions and grilled jalapenos) ? There is no wrong decision here. Both sandwiches are served with kimchi and Gochujang mayonnaise for a funky and spicy kick. Lines at Between the Bagel can get really long, so plan ahead or avoid the crowds by having it delivered on Grubhub.

Between the Bagel is located at 31-13 30th Avenue in Astoria – Order now

New York bagels are as varied and interesting as the people who live, work and eat here. Whether you like your bagel plain, with a light layer of cream cheese, or a full sandwich experience, Grubhub makes it as easy as possible to order the breakfast (or lunch) of your dreams. All you have to decide is the type of bagel you want and Grubhub will take care of the rest.

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