Handmade political sign in EHT Mixes Pizza, Satan


As Election Day approaches, some political signs become a bit more, shall we say, “colorful”.

For example, while driving to work on Friday morning, I noticed something taped to the giant traffic camera pole on English Creek Avenue and the Black Horse Pike in Egg Harbor Township. .

It reads: “Governor Murphy eats [pizza] + [hot dog]’s with Podesta “, with some satanic symbols.

Handmade political sign on Black Horse Pike and English Creek Avenue in Egg Harbor Township – Photo: Chris Coleman

As someone who follows politics a bit, I had to do a bit of Google research to figure out what exactly that referred to, having heard nothing recently about Murphy, Satan, the popular snacks that are loved by many. , and Podesta.

The best I could find is this article from WNYC / New York of five years ago, which says,

The hacked emails released by Wikileaks from the account of Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman John Podesta were a controversial topic during the third and final presidential debate. But the inner workings of the Clinton campaign aren’t the only ones exposed in the emails. They also provide an overview of the campaign of Phil Murphy, the only Democratic candidate to announce his candidacy for governor of New Jersey in 2017, and the perceived favorite in the race.

I’ll let you read the rest so you can make up your own mind.

The good news is, all of that political stuff will be behind us in a few days. Early voting continues through this weekend here in New Jersey and Election Day itself is still next Tuesday.

Until then, enjoy your pizza and hot dogs.

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