Here’s Why You Should Avoid Bagels If You’re Vegan

Traditional bagels are made with a few basic ingredients: flour, yeast, salt, water, oil and a touch of sweetener. As Health line notes, these ingredients tend to be vegan friendly. However, sometimes there are hidden animal ingredients that vegans need to be aware of. One of these ingredients is a dough softener found in many packaged baked goods called L-cysteine. L-cysteine ​​is an amino acid that often comes from poultry feathers, according to Healthline — which obviously isn’t ideal for animal lovers. In some cases, however, this ingredient can come from animals (but, surprisingly, it can come from human hair instead).

Vegans should also be careful about the sweeteners used in their favorite bagels. Some brands turn to honey to enhance flavor, but for most vegans, honey and other bee products are off limits. While this might seem like a safe alternative to sticking with bagels that only use regular sugar, that too might not be vegan. According spruce eats, granulated sugar is sometimes made by a process using animal bone charcoal. Some sugar productions don’t use charred animal bones, but your standard bagel bagel usually won’t specify the method used.

Finally, vegans should beware of obvious offenders, including milk, eggs, cheese, and toppings like salmon or ham.

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