Hole-y bagel offers from Bagelfeld

“I wish I could find a good bagel” has long been a Phoenix battle cry. Bagelfeld is here to change that. Started by Charles Blonkenfeld during the pandemic, the chef went from private caterer to he-why-don’t-try-the-bagels in August 2020 and they’ve spread like … well, Bagelfeld spreads (yes, it does those too), becoming a word of mouth and farmers market phenomenon with a brick and mortar opening soon.

Bagelfeld fans are uncompromising. They line up at downtown and downtown farmer’s markets, easily passing over 1,500 bagels on Saturdays. They include transplants from the east coast who crave a taste at home and local chefs. Stoop Kid owner Steve McMillen squeezes his famous Money Shot egg sandwich with a Bagelfeld asiago, while Ollie Vaughn owner Lindsey Magee serves their bagel with herb cream cheese, smoked salmon , cherry tomatoes, minced red onion and capers in his Coronado coffee.

“I think serving Bagelfeld’s in such a traditional way really showcases the artistry of this local baker,” says Magee.

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Bagelfeld’s Lemon Herb Spread is packed with parsley, chives, dill and lemon.

Allison Young

Chris Nelson, founder of Nelson’s Meat + Fish, is proud to be the first in town to present what he affectionately calls “Charlie’s Bagels”.

“One of our regular guests introduced us while he was still taking them out of his house. He walked in, I tried them and the rest, as they say, is history, ”says Nelson, who serves his NMF Bagelfeld Sandwich on everything and sea salt bagels only on Saturdays from 10:30 am until that they sell – and sell. he does.

So what makes Bagelfeld bagels a game-changer? The ingredients aren’t magic – high gluten flour, salt, yeast, malt, honey, water – but the process is. Apparently it takes three days, starting with hand rolling, rising, boiling in honeyed water and baking, before they turn into totally fluffy but tender circular creations, all golden and shiny in the dark. outside and soft in the middle. And then there’s Blonkenfeld, a self-taught Brooklyn-born, Phoenix-raised baker who had nothing and everything to lose.

Bagelfeld’s bagel menu consists of eight courses, ranging from the traditional dish with fennel and raisins. All of them can be consumed on their own for instant carby comfort, no toasting required, but they are also excellent vehicles for succulent smears and layered sammies. Here is a bagel by bagel breakdown:

Click to enlarge Bagelfeld's plain bagel is not easy.  - YOUNG ALLISON

Bagelfeld’s plain bagel is not easy.

Allison Young


Talk about the perfection of virgin slate, you can really see the glossy finish and taste the mellow interiors with this OG. Grill and cover in butter or serve as a breakfast sandwich with crispy bacon, melted cheese, avocado and scrambled eggs, and let the inside sing.


Dotted with thick, flaky crystals, it’s a bagel with bling. The perfect vehicle for savory sandwiches, slapping cheese and pepperoni, or going big with a stacked turkey, tomato, lettuce and mayonnaise; salt brings everything together.

Click to enlarge Yes, any Bagelfeld bagel is everything you hoped for.  - YOUNG ALLISON

Yes, any Bagelfeld bagel is everything you hoped for.

Allison Young


The whole thing is everything you hoped for, a puffy bagel covered in a salty, dingy, garlic frenzy. Take a cue from Chris Nelson’s wife and toast them lightly, then melt a generous amount of Kerrygold Butter on top.

Click to enlarge Open sesame or keep it closed, Bagelfeld's.  - YOUNG ALLISON

Open sesame or keep it closed, Bagelfeld’s.

Allison Young


Even if you lose a few seeds this baby is covered in so many sesame seeds, on top, bottom and sides you won’t miss them. The nutty flavor of sesame plays perfectly with peanut or almond butter or garnished with tuna.

Click to enlarge The poppy seed bagel.  - YOUNG ALLISON

The poppy seed bagel.

Allison Young

Poppy seed

You will get poppy seeds in your teeth and they will be worth it. Top with a soft spread like lemon and Bagelfeld herbs; the crunchiness of the seeds compensates for the creamy texture.

Click to enlarge Bagelfeld jalapeño cheddar.  - YOUNG ALLISON

Bagelfeld jalapeño cheddar.

Allison Young

Jalapeno Cheddar

The whole top is topped with a nice, salty, crunchy cheddar cheese – or is it the bottom? Regardless, it’s good and adds a welcome layer. There’s no shame in putting even more cheese between two toasted bagel halves and making it a party full of cheese. Another fan favorite: Spicy Bagelfeld Pepper and Garlic Spread.


At first glance, you wouldn’t even know this one contained cheese; it keeps it hidden until you put your teeth in it. Go kid’s style and turn it into an egg sandwich filled with all your breakfast favorites.

Fennel and Grape

Once you’ve gone with raisins and fennel, forget about it. Golden raisins trump traditional black raisins for flavor and juiciness, and fennel adds a sweet spice similar to licorice. Top with Nutella, Bagelfeld Honey Brown Butter Spread or a touch of honey.

Click to enlarge Bagelfeld's Fennel Raisin Bagel makes cinnamon raisins look pedestrian.  - YOUNG ALLISON

Bagelfeld’s Fennel Raisin Bagel makes cinnamon raisins look pedestrian.

Allison Young

Find Bagelfeld’s at Uptown Farmers Market, Downtown Phoenix Farmers Market, menus from Stoop Kid, Ollie Vaughn’s and Nelson’s Meat + Fish, or order online at Bagelfeld’s.

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