How Fans Say Trader Joe’s New Egg Bites Compare to Starbucks

If you follow Trader Joe’s following social media accounts such as Instagram’s Trader Joe List, you may have noticed a few posts earlier this week sharing a new article available in the channel’s refrigerator section – the egg bites. They’re available in a vegetarian cheese, spinach, and kale variety and a cheddar cheese and uncured bacon option (via Trader Joe’s List). If the term “egg bites” already has meaning to you, chances are you’ve seen a very similar product offered on the Starbucks coffee chain’s savory menu.

Instagram commenters are also noticing the similarities, venturing that TJ’s new product is a Starbucks copycat. “Rumor has it these new egg bites are a dupe of the egg bites found at Starbucks,” the Trader Joe’s List account wrote in the photo he shared of the egg bites. Commenters on the post were excited about the offer and its value. Several users have noted that the TJ’s egg bites cost less than the Starbucks original. It’s true. An order of egg bites from Starbucks costs around $4.45 (via Aisle of Shame), Trader Joe’s 119-gram pack is currently priced at $2.99. Some reviewers have even pointed out that making eggs at home — like these hearty egg bites from Starbucks — is far cheaper than either commercial option.

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