How To Eat Vegan This Pancake Day (And Why It Matters)

It’s Shrove Tuesday, aka Pancake Day, and as pancake lovers, we’re beyond thrilled!

Pancake Day is all about devouring a plate of fluffy, plant-based pancakes for breakfast, lunch or dinner, guilt-free!

By now you probably know that most traditional pancake recipes use eggs as the base ingredient, but never fear, it’s easy enough to veg pancakes with just a little tweak – enter aquafaba!

According to OGGS, the UK consumes around 55.6 million pancake eggs each day, releasing a whopping 14,281 tonnes of CO2e directly into the atmosphere.

To put it into perspective, that’s the carbon dioxide equivalent of driving 1,124 cars worldwide.

Egg production, like other intensive agricultural practices, generates a huge amount of greenhouse gas emissions, and the industry is riddled with shocking practices such as culling, confinement, unnatural environments and physical violence.

Research by Sapio Research found that three-quarters (76%) of us have little or no idea about the environmental impact of eating eggs, despite it being widely known in how bad the dairy and meat industry is for our planet.

Pledge of pancakes

To help encourage the nation to make a sustainable swap this Pancake Day, OGGS has launched the Pancake Pledge, which involves removing eggs from the menu and using OGGS Aquafaba as a replacement.

You can head over to OGGS and sign up for the free Pancake Pledge, and you’ll find a range of delicious pancake recipes to inspire you. Plus, anyone who signs the pledge will receive free OGGS Aquafaba to make their plant-based pancake day a little easier.

Considering that swapping your eggs for OGGS Aquafaba could use 72% less CO2e – that’s a win-win, both for the chickens and the planet.

Read on to find two recipes that will help you make 2022 the most delicious (and sustainable) vegan pancake day yet.

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