IHOP’s 2021 holiday menu features 2 new pancake flavors

IHOP’s new menu also has something for customers who crave something more salty than sweet. The chain is also launching a new Cali roast turkey fondant, which features all-natural roasted turkey breast, hickory-smoked bacon, whole milk cheese, roasted cherry tomatoes, fresh avocado and mayonnaise, all stacked on toasted multigrain bread and served with your choice of one side, depending on Chewing boom. Younger guests can enjoy the new Jr. Winter Wonderland Combo, which includes a Winter Wonderland pancake, a slice of hickory-smoked bacon, a pork sausage tie, and a scrambled egg.

Families who want to take advantage of these awesome home vacation deals can even celebrate with IHOP’s new Holiday Family Feast. The feast, which is only available for IHOP ‘N Go, is served with four servings of scrambled eggs and hash browns, and your choice of eight strips of walnut-smoked bacon or eight pieces of pork sausage. . Finally, each order is completed with eight fluffy buttermilk pancakes, served with a variety of sweet holiday decorations, including vanilla mousse, cranberry filling, shimmering blue vanilla sauce and mini marshmallows, so that the families can recreate their own winter wonderland at home. “We know that last year guests missed the holiday celebrations with their friends and family, so we’re here to help make this year’s celebrations better than ever with a menu that’s sure to inspire cravings and excitement, “said Kieran Donahue, Marketing Director of IHOP, by PennLive.

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