Illinois’ most popular pizza chain revealed and we’re surprised


When you think of pizza chains in Illinois I tend to think of Dad johns.

No matter what you think of her former founder, people love Papa John’s. Well, at least that’s what I thought.

When I watched the America’s Most Popular Pizza Chains to Eat this, not that!I expected it to be listed as the top choice of Illinois residents.

If it’s not Papa John’s then it would be either Domino’s or at least Pizza Hut.

It’s strange because I didn’t even think for a second that Little Caesars would be Illinois’ choice for favorite pizza chain.

Not that there is anything wrong with it, because there is nothing offensive about Little Caesars pizza. It’s super cheap, I mean $ 5 for a Hot N Ready Cheese? It’s just that sometimes it’s easy to forget that Little Caesars actually exists.

That said, it’s not like Illinois is the only one expressing their love for Little Caesars, because more than half of America loves him too.

Eat this, not that!:

Little Caesars (yes, Little Caesars) took first place in half of the states surveyed! The remaining 24 states have been split between the “Big Three” in pizza delivery, Papa John’s and Domino’s have the lion’s share (17 states), and Pizza Hut is gone to remove it along with Marco’s Pizza, Godfather’s Pizza and Papa. Murphy’s. .

Residents of Wisconsin chose Papa John’s as their pizza chain in case you were wondering.

This begs the question if you are going to buy chain pizza, who do you call first? Tell us!

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