Jakarta’s famous Beau Bakery launches sister label specializing in sourdough pizza and bagels


Sourdough will not be lacking anytime soon in Jakarta, as Beau Bakery, one of the capital’s best-known artisan bakeries, has launched a secondary line specializing in making pizza and bagels.

Aptly named Beau Pizza and Bagels, the restaurant opened less than a week ago in the Kemang district of South Jakarta. While Beau Bakery serves a variety of sourdough breads and pizzas, Beau Pizza and Bagels appears to be more casual than its predecessor.

Beau Pizza and Bagels offers a selection of sourdough bagels, either plain or sprinkled with sesame seeds, poppy seeds or a combination of the two, which you can purchase by the piece or in packs of four, eight, or 12 bagels. You can also buy sets of bagels with schmear or cream cheese spreads, which come in several flavors such as roasted garlic and herb cream cheese and tofu cream cheese with herbs. Green onions.

For that daydreaming experience of enjoying a quick bagel in New York City, you can choose from the restaurant’s range of bagel sandwiches, such as Bagel and Lox (95,000 IDR), Ham and Brie (80,000 IDR ) and the Vegan Pizza Bagel (IDR 55,000). Alternatively, there are also bagel platters with prosciutto, smoked salmon, as well as corned beef, with schmears and vegetables or pickles.

If you are looking for something a little more filling, go for the sourdough menu sandwich such as Prosciutto, Arugula & Brie (190,000 IDR), NYC Reuben on Rye (160,000 IDR) or plant-based dishes such as Choufornie (IDR 75,000) with roasted cauliflower, hummus, arugula and red onion.

Last but not least, those in the mood to share can choose something (or two) from the range of hand-stretched sourdough pizzas, from Pepperoni (125,000 IDR) to Miny’s Hawaiian (135,000 IDR), to those with herbal toppings such as Shrooms & Onion (IDR135,000) and Pesto & Roquette (IDR120,000). Vegan, don’t worry, the usual mozzarella can be replaced with the vegan version.

Beau Pizza & Bagels only serves take out and delivery orders during the emergency enforcement of restrictions on public activities (PPKM emergency). Keep in mind that the prices of food delivery apps like Gofood and Grabfood are slightly higher than advertised on the menu.


Beautiful Pizza & Bagels

Jl. Bangka Raya No.10, South Jakarta 12720

Telephone: +62 852 1194 4211

Open: 7 am-8pm, every day

Take out and delivery only, available on Gofood and GrabFood


1 USD = 14,541 IDR

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