JUST Egg launches plant-based egg bites


Eat Just, the maker of JUST Egg has partnered with Cuisine Solutions to make and distribute a vacuum-packed egg bite. From March, the product will begin its deployment.

Sous vide is a cooking process where food is vacuum sealed and then slowly cooked in water at harsh temperatures. JUST Egg expanded to 17,000 stores in September and it’s yet another move by the popular herbal company.

“The Cuisine Solutions team is the best in the world at what they do. We have partnered with them because of their unparalleled expertise and leadership in the vacuum industry and their commitment to making our food system even better. We’re excited consumers are getting a taste of what we’re working on, ”said Josh Tetrick, co-founder and CEO of Eat Just in an emailed statement.

The four flavors of the bites include “America (Roasted Potato, Dill, Chives, Red Pepper and Black Pepper); India (curry, broccoli, cauliflower, coconut milk and lemongrass); Japan (portobello mushrooms, yams, togarashi, soya and tamari); and Mexico (roasted poblanos, chipotle chili powder, black beans, corn and lime). JUST Egg also sells pourable eggs and a soft, pre-baked folded option.

“Josh’s vision for the future of plant-based foods is extremely inspiring and also very much aligned with Cuisine Solutions’ vision: both organizations seek to make an impact and revolutionize the food industry on a daily basis. makes such a natural partnership. There are very few food companies in the world that could match the culinary innovation capabilities of Cuisine Solutions R&D. Eat Just has the same DNA when it comes to being open to forward-thinking and innovative ideas and developments. We are extremely excited to start providing customers with the best sous vide egg bites on the market, made with the best plant-based eggs, ”said Felipe Hasselmann, President and CEO of Cuisine Solutions via email. .

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